Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Daily cleansing routine

Winter is long gone(as brief as it usually is in Karachi).The hot weather is back with a vengence and with a promise of becoming even hotter in the coming months,Compared to the dry and rough weather of the winter ,i think i am better equipped to deal with the oil slick my face becomes in the summer.The trick with oily skin is "moderation".Too much oil is bad but if you dry up the skin too much thats not recommended either.I try to keep my daily cleansing products to a bare minimum because
1.I am very lazy ;)
2.I am very very busy!
So a cleansing routine that is too complicated wont work for me at all.
To cleanse my face i use "Noxema triple action anti blemish astringentREVIEW HERE

Face wash: My absolute favorite "Clean and clear foaming facial wash"

Moisturizer: "Clean and clear oil free moisturizer" (the best)

My night cream has always been the "nivea soft intensive nourishing cream"

These are the products i use at least three times a day.In the morning,when i come home and and at night.
I use scrub twice a week and its my fav brand : "St Ives apricot scrub"

For mask in this weather, i use   READ THIS
1,Saeed ghani mutani mutti(clay)+rose water+saeed ghani sandal powder paste.
2.Saeed ghani multani mutti+saeed ghani ubtan+sandal powder+1tsp of milk
I alternate between the above two combination.Use them at least 4times/week.They work wonders!
And last but not the least in this weather when getting dehydrated is very much a possibility for the skin i try to drink more or less 8 glasses of water/day.
Hope this helped:) If you want to share your go to products for daily cleansing routine.Feel free to do so in the comment section below.I would love to find and try something new:)
Till next time.....


  1. i find new online shop

  2. i am using the same products except nivea, they are good an affordable but sadly noxzema is no more available here in isb, thinking of its substitute,

  3. @cyma
    Neutrogena is good too.But Noxema works better.Have you tried Neutrogena?

  4. no, but maybe i will gve it a try :-)

  5. where can i find "noxzema anti blemish astringent" in pakistan?

    1. I bought mine from Naheed supermarket:)

  6. BTW i like your blog it's really helpful.


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