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Skin food's Sun Aloe bb cream

Skin food's is an Asian brand of cosmetics.I got the opportunity to try one of their bb creams recently.Its called the "Sun Aloe bb cream".As you all know,i am a bb cream fanatic.I have been obsessed with this product since i first heard about it.

I am already using the maybelline mineral bb cream (that's what its called i think) so this review will also be a comparison between the two products.Skin food's says:
An excellent soothing treatment with UV protection (SPF20 PA++), it especially suits people with sensitive skin. This cream leaves skin feeling moisturized while it corrects skin tone for a naturally air-brushed complexion.
Packaging: Its ok.I mean, i don't hate it... The Maybelline one has better packaging.
Amount of product: This one is 50g/176oz compared to Maybelline bb cream 18ml. I believe the Maybelline clear smooth minerals instant skin perfecting cream(there! i got the name right) is available in a 30ml tube as well.

Sun Protection: Skin foods = SPF 20 PA ++  ,  Maybelline = SPF26 PA+++
Color: Skin food's: Two shades i believe.1&2 (I have it in 1,which is the lighter shade) , Maybelline = one color only "Fresh".
Consistency: Skin food's bb cream (sun aloe) has a very runny consistency as compared to the Maybelline one. 
Smell: This one,when you initially put it on has a mild odor to it.Smells like anti acne medication.Kinda like it may have salicylic acid in it(which i can not confirm as i cant read the ingredients list,which is not in English)
Good news is that that after a while it goes away,
Blending: I don't have any problems blending either product on my skin.No caking involved.But if you have a slightly darker complexion than the skin food's sun aloe bb cream may not work for you , as the color is too light even shade 2.

Coverage: Medium (for both) Will not hide blemishes , acne or darkly pigmented areas of skin.
Price: I got the Maybelline one from Malaysia for RM 22.The Skin food's one i got here in Karachi for Rs 275.
Skin Foods website :
I have been using this for a week now (almost).Its super easy to use.I just use it with my fingers,no brushes involved.Evens out my skin tone.Provides SPF.Is mattifying (for 2hrz at least) which , in this weather and with my skin, is a miracle in it self ;)
I totally recommend it especially to people who are trying bb cream for the first time.Hope this was helpful:) 
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  1. thanks for reviewing it :) BB creams are getting so popular these days

  2. are their any BB creams available in Pakistan??

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  4. @ Sara H.
    I creams are an interesting product to try these days:)
    @ K.A
    I didnt think they were.And i haven't found any of the more expensive brands like Missha , Dr Jart etc here.But the other day i went in to buy a shampoo and i saw this.They had 4-5 tubes of this.Another one (the mushroom one?)also by skinfoods and the purple one from skin 79.I dont think even the shopkeeper knew what it was:) nt

  5. @ Shataj
    Ah! Iam dying to try one BB cream but I cant shop online :(

  6. @K.A
    Send me a message on my fb page if you live in Karachi . i'll give you directions for where i got this one:)
    Link below:

  7. @ Shataj
    Yr Iam sorrry I dont use facebook but I do have a twitter account @KinzaAhmad

  8. @K.A
    Tariq rd pe jb ap metro shoes ki direction se aate ho na to ,Tariq centre se pehle jo gali parti hai,uske end me teen cosmetic shops hai.Un me sb se last wale k pas yeh iten availible hai:)

  9. oh thanks alot Shataj u r such a nice person :)

  10. Would you happen to know where ill find this in lahore?
    The only BB cream i could find is Etude's.. and i really dont like it.

  11. @corclla
    I am sorry but i cant be of much help to you as i have never been to Lahore:) And can you please tell me why you don't like the etude one?(As i was contemplating buying it)

  12. For starters the color is just awful. it leaves a grey-ish cast. I wonder why they make it so grey? its not like they're humans alive on earth with greyish skin? :S
    It has a really low spf (SPF 15 to be exact).. thats just too low.. it can be so sunny in lahore.. so therefore i have to apply sunblock underneath and sadly that just makes my skin oilyyyy.. especially in summers.
    That being said.. the coverage is MINIMAL.. It doesn't conceal my dark circles :(
    All in all.. a waste of my 875 rupees. I bought it directly from etude.. and that was the ONLY bb cream they had.. (Thats a shame considering they have like 10 different types of e'm).. i bought the "BB Bright Cream" from etude.
    Well fortunately, You gave me a very good idea. I shall visit all the cosmetic shops in lahore..SOMEONE's gotta have other bb creams :/
    Im 16 btw (Doing my A Levels).. so, i don't wanna use foundation just yet. And tinted moisturizers are too sheer. Whereas bb cream sounds just PERFECT for me.
    I wonder why isnt this popular in Pak yet? The whole of Asia is crazy about it =/

  13. @corclla
    Lolz:)Agree with you totally:)Its a shame that we cant try the ones that are said to be better quality.For lack of oil control with bb creams , try this.get powdered multani mutti from saeed ghani(or where ever) mix with rose water, apply as a mask than allow to dry completely.wash it off,than apply moisturizer,bbcream.Thats what i do to combat (godawful) Karachi weather.Keeps good oil control for 4-5 hours:)

  14. How can I buy BB cream (South Korean Manufactured) Products? I want to know that Is it available in Islamabad?"

  15. @Amcifer
    Unfortunately bb creams are not available in Pakistan.You can probably find the Etude house bb cream most easily as etude sells at most places in Pakistan.I am not based in Islamabad so cant help you about that.Sorry :)

  16. BB creams are in a hype but i am not sure y they are not easily available in the stores...following u do visit and follow mine:)

  17. hey nice review but where to get this?

  18. @ Sparkling Sparkle followed back ! :) nice blog btw :) <3


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