Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Becute (waterproof) Mascara in Black

Becute is a brand that is widely available in Pakistan.I have mostly used nail polishes, lipsticks and lip liners from Becute.
The product i bring you today is "Becute water proof mascara in black".Its not a revolutionary product , as mascara's go.But if you cant get your hands on a better product, than this is not so bad.

  • Small , travel friendly tube.
  • Comes with 10ml of product.
  • Cheap (Pkr 200-250)
  • Good pigmented black color
  • No clumping
  • Water proof
  • Formula is not runny (hate that in a mascara)
  • Dries quickly
  • Stays on for 5-6 hours(which is quite a feat considering the price)

    • Not lengthening or volumizing.
    • There are waaaaayyy better products than this available in the market. (very easily)

      If you are starting your make up collection and cant yet afford to spend 700-1200 Rs on a mascara that you'll discard in 6 months anyway,this is for you. It will not make your eyelashes "out of this world" but it will definitely darken their color and hold curl (for a couple of hours at least)
      Till next time ;)


      1. sounds like a decent mascara :) thanks for sharing.

      2. I think it is for me because I am generally not in the favor of buying expensive Mascaras as their shelf lives are too short :)

      3. @Sara H.
        Thanx for commenting and congrats on the Beautyuk article:)
        Totally agree with you:)


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