Saturday, December 31, 2011

EOTD (Olive Green)

This look was intended for a competition i took part in.But being a "likes" based event (on facebook) i don't have a big chance of winning ;) So instead i a posting it here as my "New year EOTD". Both colors used are from the Sleek Au naturale i divine palette.After looking at the pics i think i should have used a a 3rd color(crease , may be a brown)..... What do you think?
Anyways "Happy 2012". Wish all of you best of luck and 100% happiness for the coming new year :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Favourite Make up products for 2011 :)

These are all the make up products that i have really loved using in 2011.Some i have repurchased or ordered again because they worked so well for my skin :)
Hair Care:
1)Pantene ProV conditioner(for dry hair)
2)Smooth n Shine Serum (works really great as a heat protectant)
3)Tresemme conditioning leave in creme

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Freeman Superfruits Peel off mask

Freeman says;
"Superfruits provides antioxidant rich skin care to help combat the effects of stress, the environment and your fun not-so-healthy lifestyle.Powered by mega 8 complex which combines eight of the most powerful super fruits, Goji,Acai,Pomegranate,Mango,Mangosteen,Cranberry,Nioni,Blueberry to help purify,detoxify and sooth stresses skin.
Superfruits revealing peel off mask gently purges dirt and oil from skin while delivering superior nutrients.Fortifies and guards against five radicals and environmental stress."

Saturday, December 10, 2011

EOTD (Twilight)

I saw someone on youtube doing this eye of the day.And i really liked it.I have tried to recreate it as close to the original as possible but due to lack of exact color matches (and my level of skill), it looks slightly different from the intended look.I guess mine turned out more smokey and dark.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Skin Care Routine in Winter

It was a bit nippy for the last week or so but (as usual) i was sweating buckets today.It seems like the last few months of the year the weather in my fair city turns into a complete air head,turning hot, than cold and hot again at random.As frustrating it is to choose a wardrobe for this merry go round,it gets even more exhausting to have a consistent skin care routine.
My skin which is oily/combination the rest of the year, turns dry around my T-zone. And when i say dry, i literally mean peeling dry flakes.Which is such a headache because no matter what you do, you cant seem to get rid of them.Putting make up on when your skin is not getting the moisture it needs is a BAD idea.Because your foundation will not blend properly (you end up looking like a complete mess).
Now (granted) i haven't been in a truly cold climate for a long time but over the years i have certainly come up with a skin care regimen that works for my skin during the "winter" in Karachi.