Friday, January 28, 2011

Books to read:)

I am crazy busy these days.Thats why the poor blog is being neglected:)I have a few reviews that i have to go through . Rabeeyah so graciously tagged us "stylish blogger".Have to do a post about that too.In short we are lagging behind.
Today i had a half an hour to spare so i thought i should talk to u about my most fav book.
Its called "Gentlemen Bismillah" by Colonel Ashfaq Hussain.The book is in urdu and is totally hilarious(trust me).I laugh every time i read it.(and look like i have totally lost my mind)
The book is about the writters experience of joining the army, from the ISSB test to the training at kakool Academy (i hope i spelled that right).Also for further reference alot of scenes in drama "Sunehre din"(prequel to "alpha,bravo,charlie") are taken from this book.
Its written in very "salees" urdu so people who speak "desi angrezi" should probably keep their distance;)
Why do i like it so much?Well other than the most obvious reason (that its a great book).It was first recommended to me by my urdu teacher(Mrs Rashida Naqvi,The best urdu teacher ever)  in school.Urdu is not my first language and she thought reading this would help and also she knew of my love of reading( if i dont have anything good to read, i'll read the piece of newspaper bread is wrapped in, i m a total junky).
I got it from the library and was totally heart broken when i had to return it;)
Than in college a good friend of mine gifted me the book.It was the best thing anyone had ever given me.
so to me this book is not just a light read but also a reminder of the time of my life which i miss a lot.
If you have an interest in Urdu literature , do read this book.You'll 100% love it:)
Till next time....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Karaja Perfective Eye Shadow Primer

Recently i went shopping.And i got myself a new eye primer.I am an impulse buyer.(big time) I try to hold off , i try to wait but.....
I wanted to get the Artdeco primer (I had a whole trip planned to Naheed) but all it took was a helpful sales girl and a cosmetic counter & i ended up with this beauty:)
First of all,sorry about the pic quality.My dad borrowed my sony and i had to use my mobile camera(not a good idea).I took lots of pics but am using only two as u cant really tell much (i am only using them because of all the time i wasted taking them , and uploading them to pc)
Now , my observations about the product:
  • Half the tube is empty;(  (for a product that costs 1100 Rs that really makes me angry)
  • It has a creamy consistency.
  • No color or odor(which is good)
  • I applied it on my eye lids and below my lower lash line for the liner and kajal.
  • Works really well for the first 3 smudging or fading, even keeps my kajal in place (which is a real feat)
  • After 3 hours the eye shadow starts fading a bit
  • At the 6 hour mark slight smudging at the lower lash line, and the eye shades do loose some of their intensity.
  • The result is better than if i had no primer on.
                                                               At the time of application.

                            After 3 hours (every thing still in place) Take my word for it ;)

Now there is a definite trick to applying this primer.
First day i applied it directly on my sisters lids (she has got an oil well somewhere on her lids , i swear)and the primer committed suicide before the daunting task of keeping the shadow in place on her lids;) I was so mad! i wanted to strangle the sales girl who sold me the stupid thing.
The next day (after i had a whole night to calm down) i washed my face, moisturized my lids, applied the primer and gave it a few min to get absorbed, than i applied some foundation on my lids, set it with with powder.And applied my eye make up.This time around my make up lasted (more or less intact) for 6-7 hours:)
Now one can argue that the foundation might be doing most of the work.But i have been using my foundation as an eye primer for a long time.And after 3-4 hours my eye make up looks like a grainy pic from an 1820's movie.

In the end,
Would i recommend it? well if your choice is between "no primer & this" than go for it.But if you have something better (which is easily available in Pakistan) tell me too:)
Would i buy it again: No (because i still have a list of few primers i like to try before i make the decision to buy one second time)
Hope this review helped and answered some of your questions.
Till next time:)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yesterday we went shopping.(which as always was alot of fun).I wont qualify my self as a shopoholic because i am blessed(some would say "cursed") with a very picky style sense.It takes me a long time to buy stuff for my self.But i really enjoy the experience of going from one shop to another, looking for bargains, finding new stuff :) Especially with my mom (she is my shopping buddy).
Right now a lot is happening in life.I have a very important exam coming up beginning of next month so i am going to be studying long hours from now on.
Shahtaj can be counted on for taking pics and doing the editing but shes not really into the whole writing and organizing stuff so any reviews will have to wait till after the first week of feb.
Here is what i got yesterday,
I fell in love with these flats.Liked the color , the print on the leather.Got them from "Zonah's designer shoes" top floor dolmen mall.The pair was for 1200 Rs but the shop was having a sale and i got them almost half price Rs 650.(Nothing like a good sale).They had a lot of girly sneakers as well , which i really wanted to buy but as i was saving my money for something else,had to pass on them:(
Got these two bracelets from Tariq centre.One for myself and one for my sis.

Arent they cute?They were 150 Rs a piece but a little haggling ;) and got both for Rs 200.
Also got this eye primer from Karaja for Rs 1100 from "Scentsation" Dolmen Mall top floor.They also carry a pretty decent collection of products from Artdeco,Diana of London ,Rimmel and DMGM.So if any one is interested ....
Havent used this product yet so it will take me sometime to come up with a review.
Till than,
Be safe and please pray for my exam.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Maybelline Everfresh Concealer

I have been using this concealer for sometime now.Almost 6 months.It is a discontinued product but i think it will still be availible at cosmetic outlets in Pakistan.I bought mine @ a cosmetic shop on Tariq road.
I got it in "medium beige".I don't have a lot of marks on my face but there are some red patches and i have to conceal around my nose as well.The product does its job (not too bad). Along with my foundation it does give me a flawless complexion.Its not cakey.Absorbs well in skin.And stays in place for a good 3-4 hours (which is good because that is the max. i wear make up for)
My one issue with it is that it is not a "very good" under eye concealer.It does do the job BUT... to an extent.
I apply it with the applicator than pat it in the skin with my fingers.
Would i recommend it? If u don't have too many issues with marks and dark circles,than yes.
Not too pricey when i bought it,around 600 Rs.(which was 6 months back)What it will cost u today , with the price hikes happening almost everyday in Pakistan, is anybody's guess;)
Any1 else  using it and who has bought the product recently, is more than welcome to share the price in the comments :)
Till next time......

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lining your eyes

I have no problem in admitting that i found "gel liners" pretty late;)For a long time it was a choice between "surma or kajal" for me.For those who don't know what "surma" is.

According to wikipedia,
"Surma or Kohl is an ancient eye cosmetic. It was made by grinding galena (lead sulfide) and other ingredients. It is widely used in the Middle East, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and South Asia to darken the eyelids and as mascara for the eyelashes."
I started lining my eyes with surma from a very early age.And its great.But the biggest draw back "smudging" BIG TIME!!

In School i switched to kajal.But my lids are too oily. And if i don't keep on using a tissue paper every 30 min (Lets just say i'd look like a clown's twin) . Kajal just didn't work for me.And i have tried all kinds, branded and unbranded.
What to do? What to do?
Well ... as they say "necessity is the mother of invention" .so i "invented" (if i can use that word) a way to keep my surma from making me into a goth impersonator ;)
Here is what i do:
  • Before washing my face i line my eyes 2-3 times with the surma.It gets messy but no worries:)
  • Than i wash my face as usual.
  • The excess surma powder washes away.Now i run a damp tissue under the eyes to complete the  clean up process.
  • As the eyes dry up, the surma is sealed on the eye line.
  • This lasts for 2 days minimum.With very little or no smudging.
                                                Traditional surma pot with applicator

Even though now , i have the option of using gel liners, pencil liners,even eye shadows for this purpose.I still go back to my surma.
There's nothing like it:)
Till next time....

SALE @ Coastel Scents!!!!
Till next time:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mini Earing Haul

Hi every one:)
Went to Sunday market last week, bought these four pairs of earings & a bracelet.

Till next time;)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

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Best of luck;)

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Saeed Ghani Products

Hello n Assalam-o-alaikum everyone,
Today i'll talk to u about a very desi beauty brand.'Saeed ghani' cosmetics.I have been using their products for a long long time now.I have combination oily, acne prone skin and it has always been very hard for me to find the right products because i cannot use any old product on my face (breakouts!!!!).But "saeed ghani" products are herbal so they are very mild and even if they dont work,they cause no damage to my skin.
I'll talk about two of their products that have worked wonders for my skin.
1.Khas Sandal Ubtan

2.Sandal powder

You can check these products online @      
What i do is i take 1tsp of ubtan powder + 1 tsp of sandal powder and make paste with rose water (if u want it to be more moisturizing than add milk instead of rose water)
Apply the paste to my face and wash with Luke warm water once dry:)
Use it every other day in summer (which is most of the year in Karachi) and in winter twice a week.
Keeps my face soft , pimple free and my complexion clear.
The products are pretty in expansive.
ubtan powder = less than Rs 100 (cant remember the exact price)
sandal powder= Rs 70
Saeed Ghani outles are all over Karachi.I get mine @ the Dolmen mall Tariq Road outlet.
 Also u can check them out on facebook @                                                   
Till next time..... :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hello Friends :)
This is my first ever post on my blog.I M SOOOO EXCITED!! Happy belated new year to all.Its winter in full swing here in karachi. It is cold with a capital "c".Hope you all are enjoying it as much as i am because its so rare to have any kind of season in karachi (other than hot , hot , n some more hot)
As i am a full time student , i'll be doing two blog posts per week.Also i'll have guest bloggers (my friends , my sisters). We'll talk about anything and everything from make up , beauty ,politics ,projects , hopes , ambitions and so on.
Hope u'll enjoy my ramblings as much as i'll enjoy sharing them with u :)
Till next time......