Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best mask for oily skin

As much as i love living in karachi,I HATE the hot weather which continues for the better part of the year.Its a nightmare if you have oily combo skin like mine.My T zone starts resembling the oil fields in middle east :( Pimples, uneven skin tone, you name it,i get it.
Over the years i have tried a lot of stuff (& spent a bundle of money which could have been used for something more constructive).This mask works the best for my skin.You 'll need
Saeed Ghani ubtan:1tsp

Saeed Ghani Sandal powder:1tsp

Rose water spray
Add it all together.Mix well.

Wash your face with face wash/cleanser (whatever you prefer).Apply the mask all over face.Let it dry.Now wash it off with water , dry you face and apply an oil free moisturizer.
I apply this mask every second day.It keeps the oil under control.Gives my skin a hydrated and soft texture.
For people who have excessively oily skin , a tea spoon of "Saeed Ghani multani mutti" can also be added. Milk can be replaced with rose water as well.
As always, this is what works for me.I am not an expert on oily skin. Also people with serious skin conditions  should not use any thing other than medication prescribed by a dermatologist :)
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  1. WOW! Thanks for the amazing home made mask. Even I have combination skin and Karachi's hot weather makes it oily. Thank you again! :)

  2. @Rabeeyah
    thanks for commenting.I hope you find this mask as useful as i do:)

  3. This is a must-have mask for Summers =)

  4. @Feminine
    thanx for the support.This is my "go to" recipe for oil control during the summer.And its herbel, which is always a plus in my book:)

  5. Hey Shahtaj and Ambreen.. cool blog. If get a chance, do visit my blog too
    Keep Rambling.. :)

  6. @Just4Girls Pk
    Thanx for following:) You have a gr8 blog as well:)Following u thru GFC.


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