Thursday, February 3, 2011

Die oily T-zoneDIE!!!!!! ;)

In our family we have a long history of oily skin.Which is a blessing as well as a curse;)
Today I'll compare for you two products that we have been using for the last 6-7 months.
1.Clean & Clear shine control daily facial lotion
2.Noxema "triple Clean" anti blemish Astringent
One is a toner (clean & clear) and the other is an astringent.
Whats the difference b/w a toner and an astringent, you ask? well as i understand it,Both are suppose to shrink pore and cleanse your skin.sooo not much. Off course i could be wrong;)

Why i bought it?
  • I have used clean & clear before and it has worked well for me.
  • Very affordable.
  • Its GREEN!!(How cute is that color)
My thoughts:
  • Good cleanser.
  • But doesn't get rid of my oily T zone.
  • In fact it makes my skin even more oily.
  • Haven't seen any visible shrinkage of pores either.
As much as i like the color and the bottle.The product just didn't do its job.

Why i bought it?
  • Because it has salicylic acid in it.
  • Affordable.
My Thoughts:
  • Totally works.
  • Keeps face from getting oily.
  • Prevents skin from breaking out.
  • Used on a daily basis , it can be somewhat drying but that can be dealt with by using a good moisturizer.
Which do i recommend?
As fond as i am of clean & clear this product is a bust for me.
Noxema is the clear winner in my book.
Which one would i buy again?
Noxema without a doubt.
Hope this helped:)
Till next time...


  1. can you tell me any online shop in pakistan to purchase noxema products?
    Please help me....

    1. Sorry don't know where you can get it online but Noxema range is available pretty easily in most places. Naheed,ebco,mottas,Agha supermarket, chase to name a few.


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