Friday, May 6, 2011

Sleek "Avoir la Peche" collection Paraguay 602 palette

I have been meaning to review this palette for a few weeks now but no time!!Life has been incredibly busy these past weeks.At least it has given me time to try a few looks and play with it.
Sleek "Avoir la Peche" collection Paraguay 602 palette is a quality product.No questions about it.I really really like this palette. The colors are very summery.The shades of orange,pink and peach all making a very handy combination of colors to work with.

My thoughts:
  • Nice packaging.The box and the palette it self are very sturdy and pleasing to the eye.
  • The color pay off is brilliant.
  • The matte and shimmer both kind of shades appear vibrant and are very bendable.

  • Comes with a sponge tip applicator,which is not bad.
  • The amount of product is satisfactory.The circular containers in the palette almost equal to a one rupee coin.

  • Here is a look that can be very easily accomplished with this palette.

This can be ordered on line from the sleek website @ at a price of 10$ Which is very cheap for a product of this quality.
This palette has made me a fan of Sleek products.I totally recommend it and will definitely order from them again.
Hope you found this review helpful:)
Till next time.....


  1. lovely palette and great review :)

  2. Cute blog! Loved it!
    I am already a follower, can you follow me too, please??
    Follow the twitter @_justforgirls too, please?
    Kisses and regards!!
    Alice Dias

  3. @Sara
    Thank u for following:)followed your blog and twitter.

  4. i love this makeup on ur eye and like ur blog, honest reviews, and i am also using some products u reviewed, I wanted to ask u a question , i f u ordered this online what exactly cost u with shipping charges etc.thanks

  5. Hi Cyma,
    Thanx for stopping by:)I ordered this palette through a girl on face book.I don't know about the shipping , although it costs around 10$ on sleek website(i believe).I paid 2500 Pkr for this and the pout polish.If you are interested in buying sleek this way, i can direct you to the person i got it frm:)

  6. thanks shahtaj, i will ask someone abroad, its almost double the actual price, i am not willing to pay ;-), i don’t use too much make up on daily basis so for the pallet i will hardly use, its not a good idea , anyways more then a pallet i like ur eyes&makeup (its u or ambreen?)


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