Monday, June 27, 2011

BH cosmetics 6 color custom palette

About a month or so back , we won a twitter giveaway by BH cosmetics.The first time ever that we won something (happy dance) , although we do LOVE being a part of most giveaways :) Lets face it , we don't have the resources to try all the wonderful stuff that the beauty world has to offer.The one thing i really appreciated was the fact that we were pretty late in responding to their DM about us winning but the people at bh cosmetics were very gracious and the sent us our prize very quickly.In just a week we were holding our package in our hands so "Thank you bh cosmetics for the generosity" :) It is most appreciated.
Lets start with a little introduction, The six color custom palette is a palette in which you can mix & match the eye shades of your choice.The palette looks like this:
It has got six pans with magnetic based , to which your selected eye shades will stick.Bh cosmetics says on their website:
Mix and match 120 unique eyeshadow colors.Choose one of our luxurious 6 or 15 color magnetic palette cases.Refill your favorite colors with endless creative combinations.Longer lasting single color size measured at 1"/ 26mm.
The colors that we chose are:
BHCS02(cool shimmer series)

BHCS18(cool shimmer series)
BHCM08(cool matte series)
BHMM08(metallic matte series)
BHCM01(cool metallic series)
BHWM04(warm matte series)
My thoughts:
The palette itself is black in color and very sturdy.Came wrapped in bubble wrap so no damage.The eye shades themselves came in individual packaging as well.
Very good pigmentation, for both matte and shimmer colors.
I did not experience any fall out.
Blend really well.
A little goes a long way.
I haven't applied without primer so i cant say how long the staying power is that way but with primer will last a whole evening.

Below is an EOTD with this palette for which my (exam ridden) sister took some time away from her studies (gladly) to volunteer her right eye (lolz)

The whole palette costs 19.95$ on the Bh cosmetic's website , but they are having a sale at the moment.So if you are interested you can get this for 13.37$ .Additional single eye shadows (without the palette) cost 3.96$ each(2.65$ on sale).
Bh cosmetics delivers internationally.Visit their website @
Do i recommand this product: Yes.If you are willing & able to order online.Go for it :)
Repurchase: Yes
Hope this was helpful :)
Till next time.............

Sunday, June 26, 2011

REVLON colorstay Active Light Makeup with Softflex

Revlon is a very good make up brand.Over the years i have tried alot of stuff from Revlon.These days its not available in Pakistan(which is a shame) but sometimes you do get your hands on some products by chance somewhere. 
I got this foundation about a month or so ago.And i have been in love with it since than.
I am not going to say anything bad about this product (lolz) so if you totally hate it than we have a difference of opinion.

  • I got it in Shade 02 "buff".
  • The 30 ml tube.
  • I don't have a problem with tubes but some people may consider this a con.
  • Cost Pkr Rs 250.The full size tube may cost more but i didn't ask(stupid me)
  • Its medium coverage(my kind of foundation)
  • Mattifying.
  • Glides on smooth.
  • Works brilliantly with face primer.
  • Blends well.
  • Stays in place for 5-6 hours.
  • Apply with fingers or foundation brush (both ways work well)
  • SPF 25

    Do i recommend it?
    For any one with oily combination skin. 100%
    Repurchase?  Already restocked :)
    Till next time.....

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    EOTD (Sleek Paraguay Palette)

    So today i finally used my new brush set for the first time.I really like the brushes.They pick up product well and i am impressed with the angled liner brush most of all , as it gives a lot of control in liner application.This is just an experimental EOTD on my sister.Didn't turn out exactly as i wanted it to but not too bad ;)

    Products used:
    Sleek Paraguay palette
    skinfood's sun aloe bb cream
    Karaja eye shadow primer
    Becute eyeliner (pencil) black
    Oriflame Mascara (black)
    Black eye shadow(etude) for the cat eyeliner.
    Tight lined by becute gel liner.
    Till next time :)

    Saturday, June 18, 2011

    My New 24 Pcs Brush set

    As you all know,getting a good quality brush set in Karachi (at a reasonable price) is not so easy.There are many blogs around sponsering foreign brands but as good in quality as say.....Sigma brushes (for e.g) are, they are not affordable to many Pakistani girls.There are many reasons for that,
    The shipping costs to Pakistan are very high,with the currency exchange rate what it is, not many can afford a 12 pcs brush set (which may cost any where from 70 -90$) and that too not counting the shipping.
    Credit cards are still a novel concept in Pakistan & not many people outside the city centers use them.So that becomes yet another hurdle in ordering something online
    There are local brands like Luscious (for e.g) with 12 pcs brush sets , they do deliver online and available in stores (at least in Karachi). I think it cost Rs 1950 (Now for those who find the price affordable) they should look no further.I cant personally vouch for the quality of these brushes(as i haven't used them) But many Pakistani bloggers have and the reviews that i have read are generally positive.
    But i wonder if the Luscious brushes are manufactured in Pakistan or are (made in china).If they are locally made, than i understand the price tag they have , but if they are bulk ordered with a "company logo" stamped on than the price is too high & should be lowered so that all the girls can easily buy them.Brands like Christine and Rivaj also have brush sets that one can find easily in the market but i am not 100% sure of the price range.
    I found this 24 pcs brush set at Tariq centre , Tariq road for Rs 1000.It has a very good collection of eye brushes.No stippling or foundation brush though. But as i am rather fond of using my fingers for foundation, i don't mind(if you do want these brushes in your collection than you either have to buy separately or go for something different). These don not have a brand.It says Bobby Brown on the handles (Lolz) .

    Face Brushes:

    As you can see, the larger brushes come with brush guards, they all have wooden handles and i haven't encountered any shedding yet.
    Eye Brushes:

    So..... My thoughts:I like them.Lets be honest, they are not Mac or Sigma, but than if you can afford to buy all your brushes from high end brands (the quality of these brushes becomes a moot point) Lolz ;)
    If you are a beginner, or have been looking for affordable local brushes than you should buy these.They will last you as long as something that cost a 1000 Pkr is supposed to last :)
    My Recommendation:    Yes i do recommend this product .
    Hope this post was helpful to you in some way. Feel free to comment and let me know of your thoughts and ideas. What do you look for in a brush set.Which one's are you using?
    Till next time.......

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    DIY "Bent eyeliner brush"

    Since i have found the bent eyeliner brush, applying eyeliner has become very easy for me.I am one of those people who have a  shaky hand and its very difficult for me to get a precise application with a straight liner brush (don't even get me started on the wands that come with liquid eyeliners).
    So recently i saw this video on youtube by Kandee Johnson (who is a youtube guru) where she teaches you to make your own bent liner brush by using a cheap brush from the paint store.I was really intrigued by the whole thing and as you all know (i am total sucker when it comes to a bargain).I went to my local bookstore and looked through all the brushes they had for painting ( i do some fabric painting so i have used zero point brushes before) and i thought that will work well for applying eyeliner.The brush cost me Rs 15.I used my dad's pliers:)
    The original video by Kandee Johnson is below, so give it a watch if you are interested to know more.
    These are the pictures of my attempt to make my own bent liner brush :) I must say i am happy with what i ended up with.I have used the brush and it works as well as a professional eyeliner brush.

    I didnot come up with this idea so to really understand what you have to do,please watch the original video.I am in no way suggesting that you shouldnt buy professional brushes.I just wanted to share this info because i found it really interesting .For those of you who dont live in main cities where they can easily get their hands on a bent liner brush, this is some thing to look into :) Hope you enjoyed this post.
    Till next time.....
    [P.S someone told me that they have trouble posting comments on the blog.If you have the same issue , can you please inform me at  izzie_rockerz(at)hotmail(dot)come.Thanx]

    Sunday, June 12, 2011


    I got this product a week back.And i have used it a few times , i must say that i am impressed:) With the amount of money i paid for it , it definitely goes above and beyond my expectations.But like any product it has its pros and cons.

    Pros: (what i like about it)
    • Its in a glass jar , with a metal lid.Its so small and compact,totally cute:)
    • Color is very pigmented.
    • Matte finish.
    • Lasts for a very long time(almost 5-6 hours)

    • Creamy consistency.
    • Glides on really well.
    • Very affordable(I paid 150 Pkr)
    • Easily available (i am assuming that fact as "Becute" is available all over Pakistan)
    • No smell.
    • Waterproof.

    (How i wish there weren't any)
    • My sister and i have hooded eyes.(i-e) when we look straight on, our upper lid actually touches the skin  under the brow bone.The first time my sister wore this to a wedding , it "slightly" transferred under the brow bone.
    SOLUTION: After applying the eyeliner, wait for a min (to allow to dry completely), than carefully pat with a tissue.Thats all it takes.No more transfer issues:)

    •  My second and BIGGEST issue with it was that it wont come off at the end of the day.I don't personally use an eye make up remover as i very rarely wear eyeliner or mascara(usually my cleanser /lotion does the trick).I was so bummed.(Here i thought i had the perfect gel liner & it wont come off!).
    SOLUTION:I am sure that it will clear off with any eye makeup remover worth its salt(no doubt) but after trying a bunch of stuff (my eye looks like i am having an attack of severe conjunctivitis) i came to the conclusion that oil will remove it without any hassle(no rubbing or pulling necessary).Use any king of oil(which is safe  to use on eye lids).i used my coconut hair oil.Dab some over the gel liner,give it a min.Put some oil on a cotton bud and carefully wipe clean.

    Do i like this product? YES (totally)
    Repurchase? Yes
    Do i recommend it? I do.Because it works for me.I have stated the pros & cons honestly above:)If you think you can live with the cons than go for it.
    Till next time.......

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    Pakistani Weddings (Bangles)

    This is the Part 2 of my continuing post about the glam and sparkle of a Pakistani wedding.And today is going to be all about bangles.The ones made of glass:) There are a lot of accessories available in the market to adorn your wrists these days but in my mind nothing comes close to the whimsy and elegance of glass bangles.
    Weddings ,Eid and the rainy season are incomplete without the rainbow colors of these bangles.They are pretty much available all over Pakistan.Will go with any outfit you can think of and they are really really affordable:)
    Prices: depend on how ornate a set you want made.The most that i have paid is 600-700 Rs. (which is ok , as i wont pay more than that for something so easily breakable anyway)
    To avail all the newest and prettiest designs buy from the older shopping areas in Karachi (like tariq road, gulf , saddar).Buying from a shopping mall is counter productive where bangles are concerned as you'll not only pay more but also wont get the right kind of stuff.

    Hope you liked this post. Do you like glass bangles? If yes, where do you buy yours? Please feel free to share in the comments below :)
    Till next time.........