Sunday, May 22, 2011


I had only heard of this brand in terms of their hair colors and other salon products.I bought this conditioner more out of curiosity than anything else.Now i am totally in love with it :)
Keune is a brand from Netherlands.They have a very comprehensive range of hair products , from hair colors to styling products , conditioners etc.
The company's claim about this product on their website is:
Aqua/water,cetearyl alcohol,glycerin,polyquaternium-32,paraffinum liquidum/mineral oil,cetrimonium chloride,ceteareth-20,butyrospermum parkii/shea butter,distearyldimonium chloride,saccharomyces/silicone ferment,saccharomyces magnesium ferment,saccharomyces/copper ferment.saccharomyces iron ferment, saccaromyces/zinc ferment,Paraffinum/Fragrance,PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor oil,Methyl Paraben.Citric acid,coumarin,Butylphenyl Methylpropional

200ml/6.8 fl oz
Between Rs 350-400
Available at:
Most beauty shops.
Imtiaz store
Naheed super market

My thoughts:
Comes in a tube.Which is very easy to use as you get to use most of the product without too much hassel.
Creamy in texture.
Deep conditioner , so i use it only once or twice a week.
Leaves hair soft and tangle free.
Smells good.
One tube will last months.
Easily available.
Not expansive.
Very good for dry , frizzy ,fly away hair.
Gives hair a soft , manageable texture.
Apply to clean towel dry hair,leave for 3 min max.Rinse thoroughly.
Do i recommend it:
1oo%.I have been using it for 2 years now and i still have to find anything that works for my hair as well as this.
Would i repurchase:
As soon as this tube ends :)
You can find more on Keune Hair Products on their website by clicking on the link below:
Till next time:)
P.S I apologize for the scanty number of pics but my camera died & we are in the process of replacing it. Please bear with us in the mean time:)


  1. hmm....... thinking on buying it

  2. Thanks for sharing :) very helpful indeed.

  3. think i gotta try it too! bought The Body Shops moisture shampoo & conditioner and also got CHI's infra shampoo and conditioner to try my luck to combat frizz! I will give this one a try. Great post hun.

  4. @K.A , Sara H.
    Thank you for commenting:)
    Do tell me how the chi one turns out.I've been meaning to try the brand:)

  5. CHI is superb!! How will you get it though? CHI doesnt sell to Pakistani supermarkets or local people. They are keeping it as a salon exclusive brand only. I got it through my brother as he has his own salon.

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    Thanx for the advise about the camera hon:)But i have already bought mine.Just waiting for it to arrive.
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  9. I want to buy keuna balm conditioner plzz told me how I get it


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