Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jolen creme bleach for face:

Jolen Bleach cream is my go to product for my face.I have been using it since i was in school.I have tried a bunch of other brands as well.Some Pakistani , some foreign but apart from one by WELLA(which is discontinued now) i have never been totally satisfied.

  • It is easy to mix.I keep it on for 25-30 min.It all depends on how pigmented the hair is i guess.
  • When you use it for the first few times , it does burn a bit(quite a bit) but you get used to it.
  • I strongly suggest every first time user to do an allergy test before applying it all over your face.Just apply it on a small area on your arm to see if there is an adverse reaction.

  • There are two types available in local market,(at least that is what the shopkepper tells me every time i go to buy it.)One is the Pakistani version and one is the genuine product.
  • If you love your skin,DONT buy the Pakistani version. It may be cheaper(a lot cheaper) than the real deal but its very low quality and if you want to buy a cheaper product than at least go for a Pakistani brand like OLIVIA for e.g.

  • The cost of the product is anywhere from 200-270 Rs.Depends where are you buying it from.
  • Like any bleaching product,this too is not totally without side effect.Bleach has been linked to skin cancer(i have heard.Not really baseing it on any scientific proof or anything).I use it once a month or sometimes even once every two months.

Comes with
CREME 1oz(28g)
ACCELERATOR 1/4thoz(7g)
NET WT: 10oz

CREME contains:water,Hydrogen peroxide,Glyceryl Stearate,Isopropyl myristate,Stearyl stearate,Propylene glycol,Stearic acidStearamidopropyl dimethylamine,Phosphoric acid,
ACCELERATOR contains: Ammonium bicarbonate
Made in USA.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Its all the rage these days :) If you look around online for hair care products , you'll inevitably come across some mention of it.“Moroccan Oil” is sold by the company Moroccanoil (R) and is another name for Argan oil which is made from the kernels of argan tree fruit that grow almost exclusively in Morocco.
The oil is basically a very strong emollient , which really works well for frizzy , dry hair.The product
Moroccan Oil ingredients:
Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Butylphenyl, MethylPropional, Argania Spinoza Kernal Oil (Aragan Oil), Linseed (Linum Usitatissimum) Extract, Fragrance Supplement, D&C Yellow-11, D&C Red-17, Coumarin, Benzyl Benzoate, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone
Its more like a mixture of silicones and argan oil , not pure oil.So i guess like any hair care product long term use may call build up.

Moroccon oil product range includes:
MOROCCANOIL®LIGHT TREATMENT (for blond or fine hair)
These products are not available in Pakistan (but when has that stopped us from trying anything)  ;) available online.
You can visit their website @
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Thursday, March 24, 2011


The product i am going to review today is a very important part of any beauty arsenal.The "flat iron".If you think about the perfect image that every Asian or Pakistan girl wants to attain,that would be 1.fair skin , 2.Long straight hair:)Unfortunately not every one is blessed in that regard.There is not much that one can do to change one's skin color but flat irons go along way in realizing the goal of silky straight hair, without actually putting your hair through the harmful effects of chemicals (that is not to say that they themselves don't have any side effects).
When i was in the market for a flat iron,i was looking for something very specific.I wanted
  • A recognized brand
  • Genuine product
  • something that has a way to increase and decrease heat
  • something that heats up quickly
  • once heated , maintains the level
  • wide plates(although i have shoulder length hair,both my sisters have quite long hair and it is difficult to use a smaller straightner for them)
  • Plates either ceramic or coated with tourmaline( to protect hair from damaging heat)
So i started looking around.It was a nightmare!I am not saying , flat irons are not available easily in Pakistan.On the contrary,every beauty shop sells them.But no good brands!You have a limited choice when it comes to the size of the plates (mostly the slimmer versions everywhere).The biggest drawback being that most have a single heat setting.You can not increase or decrease the heat.
Now it is a whole other story online.If you can afford it,go for buying it online,read reviews, research what you want and buy something really good.But i couldn't get it online so finally i went to Gul Plaza, where i found this.

Its a good product.Heats up very quickly.Has temperature control.ceramic plated.Comes with its own heat protected pouch.Straightens hair quickly and beautifully.Cant say anything bad about it apart from that it cant be used to curl hair because the plates are too wide.(Atleast i cant do it)

Cost: 2000-2100 Rs
"Remington" is a German brand, i think.
Which brand of flat iron do you use?:)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BH cosmetic Palette giveaway!!!!!

Donna Dell is having this wonderful giveaway over at her blog.She says,
"Hey Guys! So I'm having another giveaway!!! YAY!
From my review you can tell that I absolutely love this palette! If you haven't seen it, Click here! You get a brand new one of course :)

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This palette is amazing so be sure to enter! The contest ends on March 25 (My Birthday!) Hehe."
 Here's the link:

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Now i always had a difficult time with this part of personal grooming.Never could get my hair to curl the proper way or my rollers to stay in place.Took me a long time to realize how to do it properly and get the desired end result:)
To begin with,the minimum one should have is:
Hair rollers (goes without saying)
Tail comb
Hair spray (whatever brand is preferable)
Spray bottle with water in it.
Pins (to secure the rollers)
Start with partitioning your hair horizontally in three sections.First partition at the ear level, 2nd a bit in front of the ears and than your front hair.Start from the back.
Now begin with the first partition,securing the rest of the hair up with a hair tie, jaw clip etc.

  • Divide the hair in four parts.Follow these rules,
  • Four rollers in a row are enough per partition in my experience.
  • Roll the hair in the same direction for all four rollers.
  • First comb the hair to remove tangles, than spray with hair spray ,spray a bit of water on the hair as well for better control.
  • Bobby pins can be used to hold the rollers more securely.
Now repeat this four times for all four segments of hair.
Start with the next partition,do every thing the same  but this time roll hair in the opposite direction.
Hope this helped.If you have any questions, plz don't hesitate to ask in the comment box below and i'll be sure to answer your query to the best of my knowledge:)
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Orange and Peach :)

Products used:
Karaja eyeshadow base
local eye shadow palette
Oriflame Masscara & liner
Etude pencil liner in "black"
Golden Rose super shine diamonds lipstick in 62.
One of the pics turned out really blurred , sorry ;) Too lazy for a retake:)
Hope you enjoyed this look.
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Monday, March 14, 2011


Human face has a certain symmetry about it.Your features individually may not be incredible but all of it put together works.Its Allah's miracle:) Eye brows are a very important part of one's face.Groomed properly they can lift up the eyes,make you look years younger than your age.
A lot of times there is too much emphasis put on latest makeup techniques and how to best showcase the eyes,this palette and that eye shadow.But if the eye brows are not groomed properly......
Now a days there are pencils,eyebrow powders,waxes,a whole bunch of products available to make brows look like a million bucks.Like this elf powder duo below.

But if you don't live in a big city with easy access to cosmetics, no problem:) As they say, "necessity is the mother of invention" ;)
  • First get your brows done from somewhere or someone with some knowledge of what they are doing.If you have access to a parlor, go for threading or waxing(your preference),if you are a DIY girl,be SURE of what you are doing.(If you are not an expert DON'T touch your brows)
  • PLEASE (its a personal request) stay away from too thin eyebrows.Too much threading or waxing can retard hair growth(not a good scenario under any circumstances)

  • Get an eyebrow comb(as shown in the pic)Very inexpansive and easily available almost anywhere(even with street vendors).After washing your face, comb your  brows in the desired shape.Let your face air dry.
  • Take an eye shadow( a dark brown, Taupe, or a not so pigmented black one will do)Any eyeshadow will do.No specific brand.Fill in the gaps in your brows with the help of a brush or a sponge tip applicator can also be used.
  • Remember less is more.Too much eye shadow will make you look like a clown.

  • Comb your brows again.Now lightly apply some vaseline over them.(Operative word being "LIGHTLY").Comb brows again.This will keep them in shape & in one direction.
  • All done.Now all you have to do is "KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF" & and all will be well ;)
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best mask for oily skin

As much as i love living in karachi,I HATE the hot weather which continues for the better part of the year.Its a nightmare if you have oily combo skin like mine.My T zone starts resembling the oil fields in middle east :( Pimples, uneven skin tone, you name it,i get it.
Over the years i have tried a lot of stuff (& spent a bundle of money which could have been used for something more constructive).This mask works the best for my skin.You 'll need
Saeed Ghani ubtan:1tsp

Saeed Ghani Sandal powder:1tsp

Rose water spray
Add it all together.Mix well.

Wash your face with face wash/cleanser (whatever you prefer).Apply the mask all over face.Let it dry.Now wash it off with water , dry you face and apply an oil free moisturizer.
I apply this mask every second day.It keeps the oil under control.Gives my skin a hydrated and soft texture.
For people who have excessively oily skin , a tea spoon of "Saeed Ghani multani mutti" can also be added. Milk can be replaced with rose water as well.
As always, this is what works for me.I am not an expert on oily skin. Also people with serious skin conditions  should not use any thing other than medication prescribed by a dermatologist :)
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Monday, March 7, 2011


DMGM "Bronze Metal"

Sweet Touch "Red Lips in 1026"

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