Sunday, May 8, 2011

Henna(Hair conditioner)

Henna or Mehandi is a powder made of dried Henna leaves.It is mostly used to dye hair in Pakistan but that is not its only quality.It is also a very good hair conditioner.But like any other herbal product it has to be the genuine article to work.A lot of time the Henna powder that is available in the market is not pure .It has got chemicals in it to enhance the color it will give too the hair.This type of Henna is very bad for hair and should not be used under any circumstances.

Where to get:
From shops that sell spices and herbs(A lot of them are in the sadar area)Get the genuine stuff(ie only the grounded powder of dried Henna leaves)
How to use:
  • Make a paste and leave overnight.This helps the paste to become concentrated and also increase the intensity of the color it will give to your hair.
  • Apply the paste in your hair like a hair mask.Leave for two hours(If you are using it as a dye and not as a mask than you'll have to leave it in longer),rinse thoroughly with water and shampoo , conditioner as usual.
A lot of stuff can be added to the Henna paste, like
  • Lemon juice-->conditioner
  • A tsp of black coffee powder--> to increase color pay off.
  • Aloe Vera juice--> Good for hair growth
  • Vinegar-->intensifies the color
  • Egg/yogurt-->good for haie
  • Amla,Reetha,sikakai powder--> Hair growth

Henna primarily is a dye so
  • Wear gloves.
  • Rinse immediately if gets on nails as it stains them.
  • Protect your clothing.If you have gray hair,using henna only for 2-3 hours may give them an orange color (which is really looks weird)
  • Not to be used on lighter colored hair(e.g blond hair)simply because i have no idea what will happen;)
  • Be sure that you are not allergic to it prior to use.
  • Henna has a tendency to dry the hair a bit so use a good conditioner.
  • DO NOT USE "BLACK HENNA"(that is not natural henna and is bad for both skin and hair)
Hope this was helpful:)
Till next time....


  1. mmm great info...Thanks for sharing :)

  2. YAar how is saeed ghani henna powder for hair?

  3. @Mrs Khan
    i have only used it as a conditioner so i cant say anything about the actual dye process but it is very good in terms of keeping hair soft and shiny.Just dont forget to use a conditioner as henna can be a bit drying.


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