Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is some of the stuff that i have bought and used in the last 2 months or so.Some of the items i have been using regularly and will post reviews on them soon. These items were not bought from one place and i may not remember where i got them exactly or how much i paid for each but what i can tell you is that nothing is for more than Rs 600 ;)so.... Here it goes,
I have used these two conditioners by "tresemme" quite often since i bought them.One is an everyday conditioner and the other is a leave in.Will do a  post on my fav conditioners pretty soon:)
Got this herbel essences shampoo (beautiful ends) recently at Naheed super market.Small bottle 140-160 Rs
Large bottle 350-370 Rs, if i remember correctly.
This eyelash curler retails for about Rs 250 in Oriflame catalog.I got it free as a part of one of their promotions, where if you ordered an oriflame eyeliner , you got a lash curler free.
I had heard good things about this "sleek n shine" serum for sometime.This is also available at "Naheed" but i got it from a local cosmetic store.Cost me in the proximity of 350 Rs.

This clean and clear face wash is my all time fav product from the line.Although i have used multiple products from clean and clear, i always go and repurchase this one.Got this from "Metro Karachi".
DMGM "metal shine" nail polish 06 "Bronze Metal"
Sally Hensen 3 in 1 nourishing cuticle remover
No idea about the price.Either got them from a local cosmetic store or from Naheed.
Golden Girl "Classic super shine diamonds" lipstick in Number 62
 Hope you enjoyed this little haul of mine:)Review will be up as soon as possible.
Till next time........


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


There's is one thing that i love more than anything about maybelline and loreal,its their lipsticks and lip-glosses.Also the fact that theses items are so readily available in most makeup shops in Pakistan  makes the choice that much easier.
One of the perks of not having too many international brands in ordinary makeup shops (as opposed to franchised stores or malls) is that one can find a whole lot of stuff that's been discontinued at very affordable prices.
Recently i bought two lipsticks.One each from loreal and maybelline.


I like them both.Paid in the vicinity of 400 - 500 Rs for each of them.The color pay off for loreal one is better.The maybelline one is more sparkly and sheer.Similar to gloss.Also the maybelline 602 is a bit drying on the lips so condition lips before using it.

Would i recommend them: Yes.
Would i buy them again: Loreal 810 yes,maybelline 602 ...No , just because i bought it as a dupe for one of my all time fav diamond shine lip-gloss.But i wasn't satisfied:)
Till next time....

Friday, February 18, 2011


so recently i got a felt tip liner from oriflame.I have been using it for a month now.
Oriflame claims,
Achieve extreme color precision with this advanced ink liner. Its fine applicator delivers exact color that dries in seconds. Plus its refreshing formulation doesn’t smudge or fade.

Its available in three colors,black, green , brown.It is 1.6 ml.
This is my first time using this type of a liner.I am more at home with liquid liners.So some of my discomfert with this product can be because of that.I like the product overall.Its not the sharpest tool in the proverbial tool belt but its not all bad either;)
  • Easy application.
  • No mess if you tip the the product accidentally(As with liquid liners)
  • Not too costly.I think i paid 590 Rs for it. 
  • No color pay off.Its black(just not pigmented black) so there is a definite chance of fading in a few hours.
  • Keep the product in upside down , erect position, other wise all of it will pool at the bottom and you'll end up with a dried up liner.
Do i recommend it? I have certainly used better.but its an affordable product if you are a beginner.
Would i buy it again? Well.... that is a difficult question to answer in case of liners and mascaras as there are so many choices available. so probably NOT.
Till next time......

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aloe Vera Serum by Saeed Ghani

I am a long time user of Saeed Ghani products.And a very firm believer in the power of "herbel skin care".Today I'll be reviewing a product i discovered quite by accident.
Now who doesn't know about the qualities of aloe Vera.More importantly aloe Vera gel has  worked for me in the past.I have an aloe plant at home and i have always used the gel from it for the moisturizing of my face and shrinking the pores on my T zone but its a tedious process (extracting the gel and than using it).Therefore i was looking for an easy way out of the situation;) Unfortunately i was unable to find "aloe Vera gel " in Pakistan but i came across this serum.
"Saeed Ghani" says,Aloe vera is known for its healing , soothing & refreshing properties.This serum is a fast acting remedy that gently nourishes and protects the skin against moisture loss.Every morning and evening rinse your face and spray the serum on.Pat with your fingers to absorb.

  • Spray bottle.
  • Cost : Rs 100
  • Really works.Moisturizes and reduces pores.
  • Slight smell.
  • Bottle is small.
Will I buy it again: 100%
Do i recommend it?
All i can tell u is that it worked for my oily combo skin.The rest is up to u:)
Till next time....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


To be very honest ,before ordering from oriflame i had never heard of the brand.My sister brought me the catalog (which was given to her by one of her friends who's an oriflame consultant).

To say that i was skeptical is an understatement;)
Oriflame claims,
 Superb Lashes! Beautiful Lashes! You can create High Impact lashes with Oriflame's Revolutionary high-definition 3D applicator.  The applicator delivers lift, length and amazing fullness. The high definition 3D applicator of Wonder Lash Mascara separates along the eye and the lash, leaving no clumps behind. The formulation is Ultra pigmented with carnauba milk for extra conditioning. 8 ml.
Well lets just say that its a 70 - 30 deal;)While there are things i really like about the product, there are also some aspects i am not so sure about.
  • Packaging is nice.
  • I like the shape of the wand.
  • As per claim by the company the product provides length and separation to the lashes but no fullness.
  • Does not clump.
  • Not water proof(i don't like water proof liners or mascaras)
  • Price:Rs 690
  • The formula is NOT pigmented & i believe that is the main reason of why the lashes do not appear fuller.
  • I got the product without a box.(Upon asking for a reason i was told that it was to make sure that the product was not defective before sending it to the consultant??)
I wish that these products were availible in shops so we could actually take a look at things before buying.Shopping blind is no fun:(
Do i like it? Yes (i would like it more if it was more pigmented)
Would i recommend it? Yes i like how easily it seperates even the tinniest lashes.
Would i buy it again? I am leaning towards a tentative "yes" ;)
Till next time.....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heat Protectants

Today we talk about hair:)Now in Pakistan people have all kinds of hair.Straight ,wavy,curly... You name it,we have it:)But predominantly we have hair that is not "straight",hence the whole obsession with hair straighteners and rebounding and what not.
One thing that i have noticed is that girls spend a lot of money on good straighteners but most have absolutely no idea about protecting their hair from all that heat they inflict on it on a daily basis (particularly the younger crowd).
A hair protectant spray or serum is a must before using any heat on the hair.May it be a blow dryer , curling iron or straightener.Other wise be ready to say "hello" to split ends and frizzy  dry hair in the near future;)
The product i'll be reviewing today is called "Vo5 miracle mist".It is a heat protectant spray.

What is it supposed to do?
It is for protecting your hair from being damaged from all the intense heat you are subjecting it to during straightening or blow drying.
It claims:

  • Advanced formula.
  • Alcohol free.
  • 5 vitamins
  • UV filter
About the product:
  • The packaging is pretty.Shiny red colored bottle.( i am a sucker for pretty things) :)

  • Spray attachment on the bottle,which comes with a lock.
  • 5.1 fluid ounces / 150 ml
  • Affordable (350-400 Rs)
  • Easily available.
My experience:
Its a nice little product.Before using a hot tool  spray on dry hair or damp hair if you are blow drying.
A little goes a long way.Does a reasonably good job of protecting hair.I have used it multiple times , no splits yet.Does not smell bad.
The lock on spray attachment is too small and gets lost easily.Once you loose it the product starts leaking a bit if bottle is kept lying sideways too long.
It does protect hair against heat but does nothing for the frizz. you will need an anti frizz serum or something.
Because of the shape pf spray attachment , very difficult to keep in a drawer.
Not travel friendly at all, as i said if you loose the lock it will start leaking.
 (In the above pic you can see the "lock" in question)

Would  i recommend it:Yes (It is an affordable choice and it works but off course there are better alternatives available in the market)
Would i buy it again: Yes
Hope this helped:) Till next time.....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

NYX on sale @ Haute look

Happy shopping:)


Recently we were tagged by Rabeeyah for a  stylish blogger award !! :D

Thank you so much Rabeeyah .It was very nice of you to tag us :).We really appreciate it .
Here is the link to her blog :
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So,here are the rules for the award :
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your blog.
  •  Tell us 7 things about yourself.
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Seven things about me :
  1. I love cats .I currently have 4 cats.
  2. I love to read.
  3. Shopping,shopping,shopping:) My fav past time.
  5. I am an optimist by nature , always looking for the silver lining in a situation.
  6. Love trying different beauty products.
  7. Not a big fan of wearing make up everyday.
Enough about me:)
We are new to blogging so don't know 15 bloggers but tagging everyone we know.
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Thank you again rabeeyah for tagging me .

Die oily T-zoneDIE!!!!!! ;)

In our family we have a long history of oily skin.Which is a blessing as well as a curse;)
Today I'll compare for you two products that we have been using for the last 6-7 months.
1.Clean & Clear shine control daily facial lotion
2.Noxema "triple Clean" anti blemish Astringent
One is a toner (clean & clear) and the other is an astringent.
Whats the difference b/w a toner and an astringent, you ask? well as i understand it,Both are suppose to shrink pore and cleanse your skin.sooo not much. Off course i could be wrong;)

Why i bought it?
  • I have used clean & clear before and it has worked well for me.
  • Very affordable.
  • Its GREEN!!(How cute is that color)
My thoughts:
  • Good cleanser.
  • But doesn't get rid of my oily T zone.
  • In fact it makes my skin even more oily.
  • Haven't seen any visible shrinkage of pores either.
As much as i like the color and the bottle.The product just didn't do its job.

Why i bought it?
  • Because it has salicylic acid in it.
  • Affordable.
My Thoughts:
  • Totally works.
  • Keeps face from getting oily.
  • Prevents skin from breaking out.
  • Used on a daily basis , it can be somewhat drying but that can be dealt with by using a good moisturizer.
Which do i recommend?
As fond as i am of clean & clear this product is a bust for me.
Noxema is the clear winner in my book.
Which one would i buy again?
Noxema without a doubt.
Hope this helped:)
Till next time...


Hello guys:)
sorry for such a long delay in posting something new.But we r back now. and we want to talk about Etude.
So who hasn't tried something from this brand at one time or another.It is easily available in Pakistan.Prices are affordable.& the products work.
I have used a few of their products as well, from powders to foundations or mascaras.And i have always found them to be satisfactory if not great.
My last trip to Quetta i got one of their face powders.
Its called "Etude Twin cake" (may be because i got a free refill with it).Its a nice little product.I spent 500-600 Rs.And i wasn't disappointed.
It is sheer,so works well over foundation.No cakey look.
I got it cheap;)
Has a cover over the powder, so you don't accidentally damage it.
Can be worn without foundation.
I got a free refill(even better) .
Has SPF25 (a plus for any product).
Have to touch up in 3 hours max in karachi's hot & humid weather.
Made for a fairer skin tone.The colors that were available seemed too light to me for Pakistani skin color.
Do I recommend it? Yes (For those who do not require extensive coverage)
Will i buy it again? Assuming that i go through it AND the refill.
May be;)
Till next time...