London,Paris,New york  Movie Review (by Ambreen) 18-3-2012

I didn't have any expectations going in to watch this movie.The only reason i watched it in the first place is because of Ali zafar. so i guess i can be a bit more objective ;) Lets break it down ..shall we 
Story: The story was not much to my liking.My taste in romance runs towards dramatics (sorry) and the story here was too close to reality for my tastes.I felt no chemistry between the protagonists and i blame the story for it as it was too simplistic in my opinion.The part of it which could have made us believe about a real connection between the two leads (where lalita goes to nikhil out of the blue & finds him with another girl) happened behind the scenes and was only mentioned later on.Seriously,till the end i didn't get any indications about how strongly either one of them felt for the the story for me is 2/5.If you want to make a movie for the desi audiences .... PLEASE stop channeling western storylines!
Acting: I liked Ali's acting but i found Aditi Rao a bit  (whats the word i am looking for...?) flat.I accept that i am a bit biased here ;)Ali zafar's accent is very Lahori & as soon as he delivers a dialogue,its like my mind stops comprehending any chemistry between him and Aditi Rao( i don't think anyone else is going to have this issue). There is almost too much dialogue and not enough expressions i guess.Nothing to emote.And even though i found Aditi Rao's acting prowess falling short (in reality i guess she wasn't that bad) .But still i didn't buy the chemistry between them.Not until the very end when Ali's character confronts the heroine.Now if there was more of that........
Songs:Not bad.The score by Ali zafar was not as successful as some of his albums but it wasn't bad either.I found it refreshing and different from all the melodramatic crap that is part & parcel of every desi movie.
Locations: I seriously hate it when films are shot in foreign locations.This compulsion to show the gora people going about their lives , totally puzzled over the antics of the two crazy Asians running around singing & dancing is IDIOTIC.I just think it confuses the audience.Like the hero &  heroine now have permission to do all the crap that Americans do in their movies ;)
To sum it up, it was not one of my favorite  movies but it is a good one time watch. The music is fine.The acting is not bad either but i hate the story and i feel like they totally wasted Ali's acting capabilities.

Till next time.....
28/2/2012 (by Ambreen)
 I have been in sort of a "movie funk" lately :( Not watching lots of movies  or keeping up to date with the new releases.I blame the films(off course). Cinema is not holding my attention these days.But all my friends are talking about "this & that " movie and so and so character & i was beginning to feel left out of conversations;) So i watched three movies , over the span of last few weeks.

The First one was "Safe house" with Danzel Washington,Ryan Reynold.The movie it self is not bad (I'd pretty much watch anything with Ryan Reynolds in it). The story is interesting and keeps the audience interested as well.I just feel that the whole idea of American agencies being bad but also good, being the villain as well as the hero , is getting really old.Yes, CIA is in the wrong & they are doing things that have been deemed "against international laws" by their own people but... & that's a BIG "but" (don't hate them because a few innocents die along the way or some laws get broken) Our esteemed heroes are also CIA (I mean if CIA personnel look any thing close to Ryan Reynolds then they cant all be bad.) Right? (In case you missed it, I was being sarcastic)  ;)I can still remember the days when Russians were enemy no 1.And all movies of this genre were justifying America's "Ends justifies the means" mentality against them.
So.... the consensus is "I hated the stupid thing" but for those who like spies stabbing each other in the back,its not a bad movie :)

The second one was Kate Beckinsale's "Underworld Awakening". I liked the first two movies of this series , was bored to tears by the third one and am thoroughly disappointed in this one.Its too short, begins & ends before you are even properly settled with popcorn.The story is bland , the special effects SUCK (big time). If you are a fan of the series, then the most this movie(in my opinion) is going to be for you is ,  a novelty .If you are a first time viewer (my advice) , watch the first two movies. And did any one else find the "thing" Selene's daughter turns into , totally hideous(even for a Lycan/vampire hybrid)

The last movie that i finished watching , just a few minutes ago was "The vow" (Channing Tatum...anyone). Its a movie about a couple in love , who are in a car accident .The wife has memory loss and totally forgets her own husband (Is it even possible to forget being married to channing Tatum?;)

Only in movies you say, (not so fast) The movie is apparently based on a true story. Go figure.
Its one of those movies you'd really enjoy watching with your girl friends over hot chocolate and buttery pop corn on a cold , rainy day .(Don't mock me! Its COLD in Karachi right now).
till next time inshahallah ;)

 9/2/2012 ( by Ambreen)
Ali Zafar's latest offering:
I personally don't like "adult " dialogues in a movie or trailer.Even though i like to pride my self on being a cynic ;)  i like my love stories naive and pure.The trailer looks good visually and i am happy that Ali Zafar is finding his footing in a market where people are not really ready to give too many chances to some one from Pakistan(at least  not some one who'd much prefer to keep his clothes on). If i watch this, it'll be just to support Ali.Not really my cup of tea.
 31/12/2011 (by Ambreen)
Bilal Lashari's "Waar (2012)
First look at Bilal Lashari's eagerly awaited directorial debut.Tentative release date June 2012.
13/12/2011(by Ambreen)

Most Fav  youtube video of all times:)

Are you a "supernatural " fan?It is my most favorite tv addiction:) And this video of Dean winchester (Jensen Ackles) spoofing "Eye of the tiger" is so fun to watch.I think half of its views are from me , as i keep watching it every time i am on youtube.I totally recommend this series."Must watch" in my book :)

 24th October 2011
(By Ambreen)
Someone sent this on my cell today:
"Marhooma DUBAI mein...
Khandan LONDON mein....
Beti FRANCE mein...
Maika "IRAN mein...
Aur Chuti PAKISTAN mein...
Jiyeee Bhutto ;) Lolz (sooooo true)

11th June 2011 
(by Ambreen)
Sorry i did my disappearing act again :)I am totally bummed right now!Seriously, what does a girl have to do around here to get a correct weather forecast?It was (supposed) to rain today.That is what the weatherperson said.Now, i look at the sky & NO RAIN.Not even a cloud in the sky :( I am loosing my body weight in sweat people. 

Any way (now that i got that off my chest), watched "the priest" (and hated it with a vengeance) .Total waste of time.BORING!! Also" X-men First class" is out.I am not a comic book fan and i usually watch these movies for Hugh Jackmen(Honesty is the best policy) and lets face it , one glimpse of Wolverine is not enough to keep me interested for an hour ;) But if you are a fan ,its a decent enough movie.At some places it sort of gets juvenile, even for a comic book but its good time pass. 
Also  "BOL" by Shoaib Mansoor has  had its music launch.I love all the songs so dont miss that.Buy the album even if only to support tha good work people like shoaib Mansoor are doing:)
Till next time.... 

8th May 2011
( By Ambreen)
Recently saw two movies."Thor" and "Beastly ".I have always been a fan of the fantasy genre.We have too much reality as it is in our lives so i love a good fantasy that holds my attention."Thor" is all that and more. the story is engaging and the characters likable.A "must watch" in my book:)
Now "beastly" on the other hand is....... almost juvenile.I cant get my head around the story.The two lead characters just do not have any chemistry . The movie is just too boring(or it could be that i am not the right audience) Because my younger sister sure did enjoy the stupid thing.
So if you are a fantasy genre fan , don't give "Thor " a miss and if you are over 18 and still want to watch "beastly"(take my advice and keep a barf bag close at hand)
Till next time......

7th May 2011
(By Ambreen)
So finally bin laden is dead...I am trying to decide how i feel about that?To be honest, i don't care either way.At least now the "whereabouts of bin laden" cant be used as an excuse to invade or harass yet another Muslim country.The politicians are running around like headless chicken trying to assure the public of how having our sovereignty invaded is good for us.And the army chiefs don't know which story to go with.As they say "baghal me bacha aur dhandora shehar mei";)Obama said that the world is a safer place now that Bin Laden is dead.He is also expecting more terrorist attacks in the west as a retaliation(go figure)
Till next time....

27/4/2011 My review of "Fast 5"(*SPOILER ALERT)
by Ambreen
Yay!!!! I saw "Fast 5":)I am a BIG action movie buff and I liked what i saw with this one.It was fast , it was furious and it was loads of fun.I LOVE anything Vin Diesel so i could be"slightly" biased with my review;)I liked how the movie began.Getting to the point rather than spending a lot of time in getting Vin Diesel's character out of jail.The action sequence in the beginning, (stealing cars on the train) was slightly removed from reality(How is a truck that looks like its better days are behind it, supposed to maintain constant speed to match a train, when all the while cars are being drag on and driven off over it, is a mystery to me).But... i didnt watch this one for its authenticity;)
The locations were perfect.That area that they were hiding in,"lots of houses going up the hill".It made me claustrophobic just looking at it.So many houses cramped in such a small space.The chase scene here with  "the rock" (another of my fav's.And i dont have a thing for bald guys!) was very entertaining, although ,should Mia be doing all that jumping if she is pregnant?(To all pregnant ladies,take this from some one who went to medical college,"jumping over roof tops = bad for baby)
On a side note,why is it that when movie makers want to make a point about cramped quarters and hot weather,guys are  wearing cotton shirts and fully covered but women are wearing  less than half  of their clothes(just asking)
All in all i found it to be an entertaing movie.Simple,clean cut story.The good , the bad, the ugly all right there for the audience to root for.No moral dilemmas, no Grey areas.Most importantly no Muslims involved in any capacity, no bin laden jokes and no mention of Arabs. (good news for Muslim audiences,as it gets tiresome after a while to be stereotyped so brazenly by Hollywood when you have just spent good money to rent the movie or bought the dvd)Last but not the least,The show down between the rock and Vin Diesel...How great was that! Who were you rooting for?;)
The part where the "heist team" is introduced, (Cmmmon!! how many movies!!!)
The girl getting off the bike,taking off her helmet and the ogling guys (so old)
Did that race in the police cars feel....forced??
Okay okay now i am nitpicking.Get your popcorn,call a few friends and have an enjoyable afternoon(or evening) watching Fast five:)
Till next time...
(by Ambreen)
Havent been blogging for 2-3 days now.Sis is busy with college so this duty falls to me.Have been trying this awesome new formula from ponds.The review was going to be up today but one of my new kitties died.Her mom was so agitated that when i went to touch the kitten,she bit me. Can you imagine it...Bitten by my own cat.So my morning was spent getting a tetanus shot,taking antibiotics( which i hate to do under any circumstances,my mom says i am the only doctor in history who wants fruit flavored tablets) and crying over my dead kitten. Poor thing was only a month old:( So i am too sad to do anything today.To hell with the world , i am depressed :(
Till next time....
 By Ambreen
There is nothing worse than taking a breather at your favorite haunt, only to be surrounded by second hand smoke from some enterprising citizen puffing his life away.As the poet said,"hum to dobe hai sanam tum ko b le doben ga" ;( Some places have the " no smoking" signs on the wall & to give them due credit they do try to implement the sentiment as well but.... (Pakistani and law abiding are not two words that are synonymous) .The smell of burning tobacco makes me gag(literally) i have been known to hurl at even the hint of the acrid stink in a closed space!
But (Pakistan is a democracy) and far be it from me to try to prevent anyone from committing "suicide by cigarette".What makes me laugh is the warning by the health ministry that all cigarette packs have on the side."tambakoo nooshi sehat k liye muzir hai".I am not sure any respactable smoker worth his/her salt has ever read that. The miniscule warning is easy to miss if you wear glasses for near vision or have cataract (just saying)
Now we have something called "shisha"( a gift from our esteemed middle estern neighbours).Puffing an elaborately designed "huqqa" is the height of "coolness".Who cares about lung cancer and emphysema" when you can suck flavored water?!
On a side note , who here watches NCIS?I am seriously in love with the show.The season finale is coming up.waiting with bated breath.There is this girl who does very interesting videos about the show on Youtube.Here is the link to her channel.Do check it out if you are a fan.For some reason i really find her funny;)
till next time...
( 21/4/2011)
By Ambreen
Reading other peoples blogs is really fun .I frequent a lot of beauty blogs. On blogger and also you tube.There are some things that seriously bug me (my personal opinion not a universal law so don't be offended)
1.When the blog has no opinion at all.Every thing is peachy keen.This nail polish is the best,that bronzer really works,oooh i love that lipstick,this one too and that one , n that one... (How?? can you LOVE everything!!)
2.Messages above the comment box like" don't spam my comments with links in your comments" There is something to be said for being assertive but there is a reason that blogger has the  "comment moderation" option.Just delete the comment you don't like.Why antagonize people?
Okay enough ranting for now:)
Till next time...
(by Ambreen)

When i was younger (Please do not consider this an admission of being old)i wanted to become a doctor.I had this image of myself in my head,wearing a white coat ,stethoscope in one hand and syringe in the other  saving humanity single handedly (although how i was doing that with both hands occupied is a mystery in itself) .Boy !!! is the reality different:(
No one but a fellow physician can feel your pain when after going through 5 years of medical college,one year of housejob ,the nightmare that is residency, your patient turns around and says "Shister ji,barre doctor saheb kub ayenga"!!
There is a certain charm about this profession that attracts people in hordes.Have you ever witnessed the test for the medical college admissions?Thousands show up.With the amount of doctors we are producing every year,the state of Pakistani health care is a mystery to me at least;)But than i think back to my house job days (when the woman who cleaned the  ward was  paid more than me) and i come to my senses.Lolz :)

BOL by Shoaib Mansoor
Hello friends:)
Today i would like to talk to u about something different.Its a movie.A wonderful one (thats a prediction on my part as its not been released yet) at that.
"BOL" by Shoaib Mansoor.

Now who wouldnt like something by shoaib mansoor ...Right?I am more excited about this movie because its coming from Pakistan.We rarely get to say anything good about our film industry  (lets face it "saima's jhatkas" and "gandasa heros" are nothing to rave about).
This by no means is a "fluff piece" as they say.Its covering a very important issue concerning our country.Its about the place of women in our society in general and struggle of a particular family  with these issues.
On its face book page , the movie's plot is described as,
‘Bol’ takes you through a journey into the life of this family experiencing their troubles, sufferings, resolves and high points. As family members take decision to solve their problems they step into deeper troubles. The complexity of their circumstances becomes a struggle of life and death.

Follow these links to the face book page to see the "official tailor" to the movie as well as the soundtrack.!/bolfilm?v=info
It boosts quiet an ensemble cast.I am not too sure about the two lead characters, as both Atif Aslam n Mahira Khan ,  haven't done much of acting but the rest of the cast is very good.
I know i am going on and on... but what can i say...(i am a BIG shoaib Mansoor fan).
"Sunahre din" "Alpha , Bravo , Charlie" two of my most favorite dramas.LOVEEEE his work.
Movie is planned to be released in February 2011.So keep a look out and enjoy.
Till next time....  :)
The Mechanic
Have u seen it?I liked it.Its good , mind less fun.Its one of those movies that you take on face value.Give your brain a break from all that thinking and watch "The Mechanic".You wont regret it;)
I wont go in the plot because i HATE recounting the whole story of a movie.It seems like such a waste of time.Suffice it to say that  it is like every other action movie that has come before.So if you want to be surprised....Stay away from this movie.The action is good and fast.Plot is mildly entertaining and who doesn't
like jason statham? (Question is addressed to all those with functioning eyes only).

But all is not well in the rosy world that is my movie couch:)One  thing i didnt like about the movie is that there are no feelings involved.Well...ok the guy is an assassin (which does imply that he has no emotions) but how can you kill your mentor without giving him a chance to explian??If you are such a badass killing machine,why not give the "old guy in the wheel chair" a chance to explain his side of the events? And why kill the old guys kid in the end? Because he dared to avenge his fathers death (Boooo!!!).Also when they kill the bad CIA dude in the end,Was it totally necessary to waste all that ammo when all it would have taken was a single bullet in the head (Over kill much?)I like my heros to have some kind of a moral compass (even if it is the size of an atom) in order to sympathize with them.As cute as i find jason statham , sorry to say i was rooting for the other guy.

All in all it was an entertaining time pass.If you are in to an hour of mindless fun.Do watch it.It is a reasonably clean movie so you can watch it with younger members of family but dont forget to press the fast forward anytime you see a female face.The film has no female lead in the true sense of the word but they have tried to insert one any way , don't know why.(May be in the interest of fairness).this kind of unnecessary casting in order to prove the heroes manhood ??? i guess , is really derogatory to women and totally makes me angry so before i start ranting ;).....
Till next time...

Growing up we used to live in a small village on the outskirts of Quetta.Now this was the the time when we only had one channel on tv (ptv).The days of cable and hundred's of channels on your fingertips weren't here yet.So the only other source of entertainment we had was the VCR (and NO i am not ancient!)Every Friday (in those days Friday was a public holiday not Sunday) we used to watch an Indian movie.How we  got that movie from the rent shop in the city which was a good hour and a half away from by car from where we lived is another story;) Some of the movies that i watched in those days are still my favorites.The rent was Rs 15/- ,and we used to beg our mom to to save the money every week.That was the time when i first saw "Dil wale dulhaniya le jayenga".It is still my all time fav.Even though nowadays i hardly watch any Indian movies, DDLG still holds a fond place in my heart.

Today's Indian movies are on the most part not really my cup of tea. I am a conservative Asian girl at heart and i guess Indian cinema has become too liberal for my tastes:) Compared to today's cinema DDLG has an inherent innocence about it.You really feel for the lead couple.The emotions feel genuine.And the vulgarity and cheapness that has become the part n parcel of the modern films is not there.
The story is a typical love story.Girl and guy meet, they like each other, circumstances are not favorable, but they keep at it and against all odds succeed. In other words all the ingredients of good escapist cinema:)
I would really recommend this movie to all who haven't seen it yet (although how that is possible if you are an Indian or a Pakistani is beyond me).For a change the hero is not someone you'll want to slap on a regular basis because of his suggestive innuendos and cheap behavior and the heroine  has more to offer other than behaving like someone who lost her brains and eye sight at the same time.Also  you 'll get a hero and a heroine who are not sleeping together before marriage, going out with multiple people while they make up there mind about each other.
so watch it.You'll love it (guaranteed).If you have seen it, go see it again.You wont regret it:)
Till next time.....
So a few weeks back i watched (wasted a whole afternoon) "the eagle".BAD choice on my part.The movie had a lot going for it in my book.I like movies where the "lead character" has something to prove.Also "Channing Tatum".....(Need i say more??)
But the whole thing was just too lackluster in my opinion.
The story started of really well but after the hero gets hurt,it just got boring and more boring.
  • I don't like it when the hero kills kids!(i don't care how it is justified in the movie!!if you can slit a child's throat , what makes you so different from the villian)
  • For a story that was supposed to be set in the past , the language sure sounded very modern to me.It totally confused me.
  • And that part in the beginning about the "sanitation situation" YUCK!!! did anyone really needed to know that?
I can go on and on....Suffice it to say,i did not enjoy this movie.Or i should say the movie did not hold my interest beyond the first 20 min or so.
For all movie viewers reading this , all i can say is "proceed at your own risk with this one" ;)
Till next time....

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