Saturday, August 19, 2017

Innisfree Eco Fruit Tint - Review and swatches

So I've been meaning to try some lip tints for the longest time because of all the buzz around them . Recently I got these 2  Innisfree lip tints to use in the shades Cherry and Orange .
The way I use them is I either use the applicator to apply all over the lips and let it set , if  I want super pigmented results OR I will use the applicator to dab a little bit on the lips and spread it out with my finger tips if I want  it to look really natural . I don't do the gradient thing that people do with these lip balms because it just doesn't look good on me .

Friday, January 20, 2017

Korean Skin Care Haul !

Salam everyone ,
How are you all ? . The weather here in Karachi has been amazing . It rained like crazy and now it's so cold it is practically impossible to go on without wearing proper coats and sweaters  and honestly I am enjoying the cold so much :D . Finally Karachi has its winters back !