Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tip of the week

How to deal with hard eye/lip pencils:

Pencil liners are that one item in the makeup bag that i don't spend a lot of money on because i think when so many cheap ones are available in the market then why spend all that money. Sounds great , doesn't it ;)
Unfortunately my theory is sorely tested when i end up with a whole bunch of lip liners/eye liners that are hard, dry and plainly "a total PAIN" to use.
My tip for getting around this pesky inconvenience is pretty simple and effective.
Light a match.Pass the pencil liner in question through the flame once (maximum twice). The pencil will become soft and creamy in an instant. It will glide on like a dream :)
DO NOT hold the pencil in the flame.That will completely melt the wax in the product and heat it up too much. Passing it quickly through the flame once will suffice.
Source of the tip :  Youtube
As always. I am just sharing my experience. Things may turn out differently for you so try at your own risk.
Till next time......

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