Sunday, April 15, 2012

Haul Post :)

Okay so this is all the stuff that i have bought in the last month or so.Not all of it was bought at one place so i'll mention the prices and where i bought the item from under the pictures :)

The jewellery items were bought from Tariq center (on Main Tariq road) & EBH Tariq road.
EBH Tariq Road.
Price: Rs 150
Earrings + Necklace set
Tariq centre Tariq Road.
Price: 290-350 Pkr (approximately)
Coin box
Sunday Market
Price: 220 Pkr
Sunday Market
Price: Pkr 150 each
Clutch bag
Dolmen Mall Tariq Road
Price: 650-750 Pkr
Tresseme Color protection Shampoo
Bought from my local drug store
Price: 500 Pkr
(Forgot to include this in the main pic)
More books:
From Sunday Market
Price: Not sure
Clean & clear oil free moisturizer
Price: 120 Pkr (if i am not mistaken)
Max Touch polish in Green:
Price: 100 Pkr
Enchanteur perfumed Talc
Palmer's CoCo butter Formula( In the top pic)
Price: Rs 350 (approx)
Etude Eye pencils (Blue & Green)
Bought from tariq center
Price : Rs 85 each (if i remember correctly)
 Palladio Rice powder ( RPO2 Translucent)
Ordered from "Makeupgeek's website" through International Makeup in Pakistan
Price: 950-1100 Pkr (approx.)
This is all the stuff i have bought recently.I love reading haul posts because i like the info people provide about where the got a certain product or how much they paid for it? It helps me plan my own wish list more precisely then i normally would :) Therefore i have tried my best to quote prices for all the items (as much as i can remember).
Please comment below and share about what you are loving at the moment or planning to buy :)
Till next time.......


  1. Nyc haul, do visit mine

  2. wao grt haul...i love your coin box it is super cute

  3. great haul... u gt sme great picks :)

  4. That coinbox is so cute i want it also love the color of the pendant nice haul


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