Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kryolan Tv Paint stick (4w)

Kryolan is one of those brands which are widely available in Karachi but don't get enough love on beauty blogs (in my opinion). May be its the perception that its more of a theatrical make up brand (i don't know)
But i love kryolan products.The price is not too bad either.A few months back i was browsing the shelves at "Kryolan city" and randomly bought this stick foundation for my sister (who at the time was looking for a full coverage foundation).

What Kryolan Says:
"Successfully proven cream make-up in stick form. The special base of TV Paint Stick allows gentle make-up application that provides effective covering at the  same time. The Kryolan assortment of more than 250 color nuances for selection is truly extraordinary - which makes this preparation indispensable for stage, film, TV and video work."

 My thoughts:
Even though i don't usually go for stick foundations, I did try this a few times.Its "full coverage" so there is minimum requirement for concealer after using this.Very emollient and easy to spread.I find that using a damp sponge to apply , does the job best.Because it is a cream foundation , (in my opinion) this will better suit someone with normal, dry or normal to dry combination skin best.This is not to say that people who have oily or oily combination skin can not use this.They just have to set it with a good anti shine loose powder though.

1.Full coverage.
2.Easily available.
3.Very diverse color chart (i am very impressed with the color range)
4.Best suited to dry , normal, normal to dry skin.
5.Price: under Pkr 1000.
6.  25g of product
7. Lasts for hours on the face.
8. Matte finish (if you like that)

1. Full coverage (if you don't want to cover it all then this is not for you)
2.Matte finish (nothing dewy about it)
3.Have to be careful blending it as it may appear cakey on face if not blended properly(use a damp sponge)


 Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts on it , please share in the comments below :) I bought this from "Kryolan city Tariq road". Always buy Kryolan products from an authorized dealer as the amount of fake Kryolan in the market is astounding. Hope this review helped you in some way :)
Till next time......


  1. I found it best when you need flawless skin in photos it looks grt in camera lights

  2. great review ... i love using kryolan products too :)

  3. Thank you shahtaj for reviewing this. I was about to google it and then saw your review on google reader. How weird is that! :)I'm breaking out a lot lately and have heard this tv paint stick is the only way to go when it comes to coverage. I'm just concerned whether it will block pores more if applied the whole day.

  4. @Sahar
    Me too.Its gr8 for filming:)
    thanx for the lovely comment.
    My sister has very oily skin & it didn't break her out.But she usually has it on only for 4-5 hours.
    Try applying it over a primer (so that there is a barrier b/w the product & ur skin).

  5. Hi Shahtaj, Thanks for the in depth review of kyrolan tv stick.I'm interested to get this kind of cream foundation but kind of hard to get in open market in Malaysia.Oh, I never knw there are fakes kyrolan too!Thanks for the advice girl!Must be careful~:)

  6. @Reebz
    It will work for oily skin but with some hard work.If you cleanse & exfoliate your face properly and use a good powder afterwords , it will stay matte for 3-4 hours:)
    @Magic chic
    I thought Kryolan products are available in Malaysia? And as for fakes, i am not sure about Malaysia but in Pakistan it is a big problem:)

  7. Thanks for the nice review... I used to use this kryolan foundation stick (mostly as a concealer)but now i'm loving liquid foundations :)

  8. This is so good site thanks for shearing.see this site and more post blogs.

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  9. @Daniel Kelley
    Thank u for the encouragement :)

  10. After this review , definitely im going to try, as i haven't tried any full coverage foundation!! thank u so much!! really helpful:-)

  11. I bought a tv paint stick from an online store and the bottom pack says it is MADE IN USA... is it Authentic? I feel i have been cheated because all this time i thought that it has always been made in Germany.... :(

    1. Well i am not sure if you have bought a fake or not.But mine very clearly says "Made in Germany" on the box and container.After reading your comment i checked a few other kryolan products that i own & they all say "Made in Germany".

  12. Came across your blog when doing research for another blogger I write for. I live outside of San Francisco (city) and have used Kyrolan personally and professionally for years. (I used to work in TV news.) Kyrolan TV stick is better than anything else I've ever purchased, even the higher priced brands in the malls or special beauty stores and counters. You don't have to pay for fancy packaging with Kyrolan. And, when I buy at the counter, the MUA applies the consulting fee to my order so my consulting fee is zero. If you can get your hands on Kyrolan, I highly recommend it.


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