Friday, April 27, 2012

MUA "love Hearts" Lip balm in "Sweet kiss"

 Recently i bought some Makeup academy products from "" (online shopping website). I was so excited to get my hands on these products because i have been meaning to try out Makeup Academy goodies since last year , when i first heard of the brand.

One of the things that i decided to get was ,this MUA Love hearts Lip balm in "Sweet kiss".
MUA claims:
"MUA have collaborated with Love Hearts to bring the sweetest lip balm collection in gorgeous collectable pots. With a moisturizing formula and a hint of color these balms are a must have."
These little gems are available in five different colors.

I got the third one from the right called "Sweet kiss". Its sort of a light pinky color , which looks totally awesome worn over a pink lipstick.
The first thing i noticed about these lip balms is that they are pretty similar to "Sleek pout polishes". As i already own one of those, i decided to do a comparison between the two products.
The packaging is almost the same for both these products.The containers are plastic and come with screw on lids.The sleek one looks a bit more polished and sophisticated in my opinion.
Ingredients and Quantity:
The quantity for both these products is the same, 10g/0.34oz. The ingredients you can see and compare in the pics below . Also both these products are both Made in Taiwan" ;)
 Color, consistency and texture:
Both products look very pigmented color wise, when viewed in the pan but upon application both go pretty sheer, with a very mild tint of color.Texture wise as well, not much difference between the two.You will need a lip brush to apply the product , as using your finger is beyond unhygienic.

.Price and availability:
When i bought the sleek pout polish ,the brand was not available in Pakistan and i had to get it through a third person on facebook.Now Sleek products are available on "" to shop online, from anywhere in Pakistan.
Sleek Pout polish:
I paid--> Pkr 950
Price on> Pkr 695
MUA Lip balm in "sweet kiss"--> Pkr 200 (Also available on
As i stated previously , both these products go on almost sheer when applied on their own but if applied over a lipstick , they give a very pretty shine and look great.
                                                 MUA Love Hearts Lip balm in "Sweet kiss"                
If you are interested in swatches of the Sleek pout polish , Just click on this [ LINK ] , to read the review :)
Good tinted lipbalm
If your lips are not as pigmented as mine, then this will give you a nice pink tint.
Easily available.
Great smell (smells like cake batter)
Travel friendly
Three times the product , as compared to a gloss in the same price range.
You will have to use a lip brush/ or your finger (no way around that)
If you want products with no scent, then this is not for you.
Not very pigmented.
Only available online.
Hope you found this post useful in some way.If you have any questions or anything to share , your comments are most appreciated :) Have you used any of these products before? What has you experience been like?
Till next time......


  1. nice my choice is mua too. nice review

  2. I love this product! Makes my lips super soft :)

  3. Ive recently bought their products. They are like super cool. ^^

  4. I love their products. Ive recently bought many! ^^ Nice to meet you.



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