Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tip of the week

"Multani mitti (clay) is good for oily skin"

My experience:
When i was a teenager , i had really REALLY oily skin.A problem made worst by the fact , that i had no idea how to take care of my particular skin type.Therefore i became the prime example of how acne can make life miserable :(

 I tried a whole bunch of stuff but nothing worked for me (herbal or otherwise). So i started using multani mitti. My dad used to get it for me from a herbal shop and it was in the form of a solid slab.I would soak it in water overnight in a bowl & by morning it formed a thick paste which then i applied to my face like a mask. It made my acne really calm down a lot.Since then i have changed my diet, and started taking good care of my skin so now i don't have too many break outs and also my skin has gone from oily to oily / combination. But i still use this mask to soak up the extra oil from my t-zone during summers.

Caution/side effects:
I'll start by saying that all the time that i have used multani mitti, not once have i had an adverse reaction to it.
Not all skin types are the same.My younger sister has oily sensitive skin and multani mitti doesn't suit her at all.Infect any time she uses it she breaks out.She was advised by her dermatologist to stay away from multani mitti.
If you have active acne then DO NOT use any thing on your face before talking it through with your dermatologist.There are different types of acne (some mild and some very severe). So please talk to your doctor before trying any new remedies :)

How i use it:
I no longer use the solid form.i buy the powdered type from Saeed Ghani.And make a paste with 1tsp of saeed ghani sandal powder and rose water.Apply all over face.Let dry.Wash off with water and moisturize.

*This is just my experience.If you want to try this tip , please do so at your own discretion and according to your skin type.

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  1. Multani mitti is my favorite summer mask. Too bad your sister can't use it. I use it soaked in rose water, really good for oily skin. Nice article.

  2. How much you have to soak and in how much water?

  3. @identity_concealed
    That depends.If it is in solid form then soak it in enough water that the slab is submerged because it will absorb some of the water.If you are using the solid form then its best to use plain water,as using rose water in such large quantity will be a waste.Soak it overnight & you'll get a soft paste in the morning.
    If you are using the powdered form then put enough rose water to form a paste.When you have the consistency to your liking, stop:)

  4. It really is effective. I buy love cosmetics multani mitti face pack. Its in liquid form and has a great rosy fragrance:)

  5. @Reebz
    I havent tried a pre made multani mitti mask.Thanx for telling me about it.I try it soon inshahallah:) and yes....multani mitti is gr*:)

  6. Oh wow I didn't know this. Maybe I should give it a try.

    Miss H

  7. nice tip but multani mati never worked for me :/


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