Sunday, April 22, 2012

Palladio Rice Powder

I think foundations and loose powders are the two things that each one of us is always on the look out for. The search for the next best thing is unending ;) Especially living in hot and humid climates , makes it a necessity to have a good powder to keep the face shine free and your makeup long lasting.

Palladio claims:
" Rice Powder is the refined starch from rice, known as Oryza Sativa. The powder of rice has been used for centuries in the ancient art of Ayurveda, a holistic healing practice. It is used as a poultice that soothes inflamed acne and skin ulcerations. It has been used by Asian women in their facial makeup and to wash their skin since the 16th century. It is considered an emollient rich skin treatment.
 Rice products absorb excess oils, thus maintaining proper pH levels in the skin’s mantle. Use alone, or on top of your favorite Palladio foundation for all-day protection. For extra oily skin, try our Rice Paper Blotting Tissues, as well."

 Basic Information:
Company: Palladio beauty (LINK)
Product: Rice powder/ Loose powder
Colors available:  Translucent RPO2
                           Warm Beige RPO8
                            Natural RPO3
Weight: 0.06 oz/ 17 g
Price on website: 5$
Price i paid: Around 950-1100 Pkr (Not sure of the exact number)
Bought from : Facebook through ""

My Thoughts:
Okay so here are my two cents on the product in question. I got this for daily use as my face gets really shiny in summers and i wanted something that will keep my face matte at least for a good 5-6 hours.
The packaging is plastic.Which doesn't bother me in the least.As long as the product inside works ,  i am not bothered with the container.The lid is the real culprit as it comes off very easily.No locking mechanism for the lid.I got this in "Translucent". I use it over my bb cream on a daily basis.I don't like applying powder with a brush because i think that gives a cakey look to the face .I apply this with a puff. But not with the puff that is included with the product (because it is too small and i don't like the quality of it either)

The powder itself is very fine milled.Has a very mild fragrance, which is not overpowering at all and disappears once applied. It has sort of a peachy pink color to it but i can't see it on my face after i have blended it completely.
Now for the real test of character ;) It does keep my face shine free(to an extent). At the end of the day there is small amount of shine peeking through.And the t-zone feels slightly greasy to touch. I have asked my sister to tell me if my face is shine free at the end of the day and she says it is (so not too bad).
Last thing i would like to mention is that after using this powder for a few days, i did get a zit on my cheek (my first of the summer of 2012).The zit in question can be blamed on many things so i cant say for sure if this powder caused it ;) but i thought i should mention it , for honesty's sake.

You will like this product:
1.If you want a loose powder that works for 5-6 hours.
2.If you have an oily T-zone.
3.If you are looking for an affordable alternative to an expensive product.

You may not like this:
1.If you want something travel friendly.
2.If you have dry skin.
3.If you are sensitive to parabens,talc or fragrance.
Thank for sticking with me through this review.As always i hope that you have found something useful in all my ramblings;)
Till next time......


  1. Though packaging seems ordinary- specially hating the cover photo :P seems like the old era of 1940 :P, the product still seems worth trying.
    Honest review. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. @Reebz
    The packaging does seem to be on the "cons" side of the equation but my gripe is more with the lid then the whole packaging.
    Thanx for the comment:)

  3. same here don't like the pakaging as I sometimes buy things cuz of the cute pakaging lol ..
    but love to try this out as i'm in need of loose powder :)))

  4. nice review, i have very oily/senstive skin too and i can suggest u an alternative much cheaper. i am using milk of magnesia (Rs. 20 only ;-), after applying oil free moisturizer, C&C or olay beauty fluid, i use milk of magnesia on my t zone & cheeks, and after that foundation/whitening lotion/face powder or sometimes nothing else, it keeps my skin oil free for 5-6 hrs, and it doesn’t break me out.

  5. @Princess Jiya, sana
    Thanx for the comment:)
    I have heard of "milk of magnesia" for oil control.I just was never sure if it was safe to put on my face.I'll def give it a try soon inshahallah :)
    Thank u for the tip.


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