Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Becute "stay on" eye liner pencil

Becute is one of the more affordable brands available on local beauty counters here in Karachi. I have tried their nail polishes , liners and lipsticks in the past.For the price , i don't have anything bad to say about the quality of these products.A few months back i randomly picked these two eye liners just to see how they would work....

I picked up two pencils, one in green and one in blue.My intention was to use them on my lower lash line, as i am not a big fan of using eye shadow there when i am wearing eye makeup.

The pencils glide on easily enough on the lash line.They are not as creamy as some of the higher end pencil liners i have but i consider that a plus because that makes these easier to sharpen and i don't have to be careful about using them too harshly.
The pigmentation is just fine (you can judge your self from the swatches). The blue one comes off totally matte but the green one has a slight sheen to it.I haven't used these on my waterline but on the lash line they look exactly like the swatches above.

The lasting power of these is around 4-5 hours in summer weather.The smudging is minimum.If you are not in the habit of rubbing your eyes, then these will last for quite some time.
The price tag is quite affordable.If i am not mistaken , i paid Rs 85 each for these two.The color range is diverse as well.So my consensus is that these pencil liners are good products , there is no "wow" factor here, no claims to extreme pigmentation or lasting power of days ;) but they will do the job without hurting your pocket too much:)
Till next time.....


  1. Great pics hun, love the blue one

  2. i love Becute white pencil.staying power is amazing.


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