Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We are back

Hello everyone :)
We are back. FINALLY!! Sorry for the long delay. But with ramzan, Eid and my brother's wedding, time sort of got away from us. So lots to talk about:)
We have been trying lots of new stuff and cant wait to share all of the experiences we've had in the last two months or so.
Where to begin...
Quetta is always lots of fun.Home town , relatives ,old friends.What's not to like?But i must say , Ramzan in Quetta is a dull afair.The markets close early in Ramzan (have you heard of a bigger atrocity).No chand raat fun like Karachi (as our village is too far from the city and the law n order situation is sort of precarious right now).But Eid was great. Got to meet a lot of family members we hadn't seen in a year.Hung out with cousins.(Talked make up & clothes all night)
                                       Lots of flowers in our garden this year from all the rain fall.

 I was so bummed that i missed the monsoon in Karachi:( but it rained quite a bit in Quetta as well so i was sort of consoled.
                                         A small birdie trying to take refuge from the pouring rain.

After eid preparations for my brother's wedding started full swing.It is not an easy task organizing a wedding in a small town (let me tell you).It was a crazy crazy time.Did you know that the invitation cards have to be imported from Karachi all over Quetta?so even though you are ordering them in Quetta, you have to wait for them to arrive.When we ordered our cards,it was raining cats and dogs in Karachi and due to a malfunction during transportation most of then arrived half soaked!It was chaos in our house for a while there:)
                                             The infamous invitation cards(at least one of them)
Its a good  thing parents plan the wedding in Pakistan. I shudder to think of what would happen if the poor bride & groom had to go through that kind of stress just before the wedding (lolz)  :)
Wedding was on 23rd September 2011.The bridal outfit was designed in Karachi. We had it made at the Rabbi centre Tariq road.It cost Rs 47000.

Mehndi thalli was decorated by my mom (as is the tradition)

we served tea and refreshments on Maayun at home,rest of the events were held in the wedding hall.

All in all it was great fun visiting Quetta this time around.Added a member to our little family:) But i missed Karachi really bad !!Missed the blog too , as i cant get online there.
Inshahallah will put up new post in the next few days so dont forget to check the blog:) Thank you to all of you who commented on posts in our absence (love you).
Take care :)


  1. Welcome back. I miss Quetta so much. The weather is beautiful this time of the month. Thank you for this great post. Looking forward to reading more from you. I bet you got some fantastic products at a fraction of the price from there :)

  2. @Areej & Pandora"s box
    Thank you for the welcome:) Its good to be back:)


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