Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hello friends :)
This is a review for a product that i have used & bought multiple times.I am a big fan and its one of the Saeed Ghani products i totally guarantee , has worked for me.Its the "Saeed Ghani Ubtan Powder".But before i get into that , i have some news to share,
I am leaving for my month & a half long holiday in a few days.Going to visit family, spend Ramzan, Eid and (God willing) attend my brother's wedding :) so we are going to be incredibly busy for the duration of our stay and also due to the lack of dependable internet connection (unfortunately) the blog wont be updated till sometime after Eid :(
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So to the review.

What is ubtan exactly? (well ,i am not sure) to the best of my knowledge ,its a paste made :

Saeed Ghani's version comes in a powder.For my skin i use it as a paste along with rose water or milk. It helps in clearing marks and pigmentation and helps to prevent break outs.I use it almost every second or third day in the summer.Great for oily/combo skin.

Now if you have active acne,please use everything at your own risk.Because when my sister broke out really bad last year , her doctor told her to stop using all the beauty products she was putting on her face.
My experience with this product has been very positive.If you have used this product please share you experience in the comments below :)
Till next time.....


  1. Thanks for sharing your review. I haven't tried the powder but I'll keep a look out for it and see if I can pick it up when I'm in Pk next. :)

    Also Ramadan Mubarak and Eid Mubarak in advance! x

  2. this sounds really good, ive used their mehndi and its soo lovely! Ill have to try this!

  3. When are you guys coming back? It has been soooo long. Miss your posts.

  4. hi my name is rini from indonesia. i just got married to pakistani man. my mother in law flew from karachi to indonesia and brought me saeed ghani khas sandal ubtan. she said , it is the bridal traditional treatment before the wedding, i should mix it with milk and oil and rub it all over body. too bad i was too busy to do that, but now after the wedding i have time. according to my husband, on the package i should mix it with rose water like paste and apply it on face. this is very valuable for me and i just have one package, i am a fan of traditional beauty herbal treatment:D so please tell me what to do, which one is best, to mix it with milk or rose water , to apply it on face or body? please reply:) Thank you very much.

    1. To late :p but you can apply full body !

  5. Hi Rini,
    Thank u for the comment:)I am no expert but i have used this product for a while now with good results. I have oily combination skin so i use it as a face mask by mixing ubtan & rose water.But for dry skin i think mixing with milk will be better.Also depends on the weather,in summer use with rose water & in winter with milk.You can use it for both face and body.Hope this was helpful.If you have any more questions,dont hesitate to ask:)

  6. Which ubtan is best for youngers

  7. Beauty Ubtan Benefits

    Ubtan, a traditional Indian beauty composite applied on brides-to-be a few days prior to D-Day is something this is becomes a ritual of styles! The grooms apply it before the wedding Even.


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