Saturday, October 15, 2011


Pond's is a familiar name in Pakistan.For as long as i remember , we've always used one product or another from Ponds.So when we decided to go to Quetta this year ,i chose "Ponds moisturizing cold cream" as my primary moisturizer.

 The product claims to :

Now , i must admit that i would not dream of using this in the hot and humid weather of Karachi.But Quetta is a whole another story.the weather is so dry ,that my T-zone starts to flake(nothing i hate more than flaky skin).My regular moisturizer (clean & clear oil free moisturizer) is an epic fail in dry weather, so i decided to go with a heavier formula.

1.Its very affordable .Cost me around 100 Rs or so.
2.Keeps skin hydrated and soft.
3.Combats dry patches very well.
4.It has a floral scent.Which i don't terribly mind.
5.Lots of product.One jar will last for 2 months even if used daily.
6.Can be used as a make up remover as well.
7.I love the packaging :)

1.Too thick in consistency.
2.GREASY,GREASY,GREASY!!!(Your face will feel like an oil slick if you have oily skin.)
3.Not suitable for applying around the eyes.

My thoughts:
As i said before , my reason for using this particular product was to combat the cold & dry weather of Quetta.Which it does very well.But in a warmer climate,i wouldn't advise the use of a product this greasy.Its so oily that after applying it on my face , i touched my notebook and the pages had oily stains in the shape of my fingers ;)This product has glycerine in it so i feel that a person who has very dry skin will enjoy using it more.
Hope this review answered some of the  questions about the product.As always, feel free to comment or share your thoughts:)
Till next time....
Take care:)


  1. My mum is a big fan of this cream as she has very dry skin during winter, but I agree it is way to thick for those with oilier skin! Great review
    Grace xx

  2. @Grace
    Thanx for commenting:)In winter it will even work for oily skin but alas... ;)winter in Karachi lasts hardly a month (lolz)

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