Thursday, October 27, 2011

e.l.f Studio Eye Brow KIt (Dark)

This is another product from my recent elf haul.I have been using it for two weeks now and i think i have finally formed a definite opinion about it.

 Elf claims that this product:
"Creates brows that are fuller,thicker and more defined.Shapes and sets eye brows.Gives lasting color definition for precise lines.Set the color in with the brow powder and fill in with the blending brush for a naturally finished look"

E.l.f studio eye brow kit
Color: Dark
Mirror and brush applicator included
No animal testing

Eye brow Gel ingredients:

1.Compact packaging.Travel friendly.
2.Both powder & gel have good pigmentation.
3.Easy to apply.
4.Sets in well.
5.Stays all day (if you don't touch your brows frequently)
6.No fragrance.
7.Affordable (I think it costs around Rs 650 at the elf Pakistan website but dint quote me on it)
8.Easily available (Now that elf  Pakistan has launched)

The brush applicator is awful.

My thoughts:
I am not one of those blessed people who have really thick brows and do not need to fill them in.Although Allah has been very generous with my brow hair, i would have preferred them to be a bit closer together ;)
And also no matter what i do they seem to be multi directional mere minutes after grooming. Now normally i don't fill my brows on a daily basis because i don't want undue exposure to chemicals that can potentially harm / retard growth of my eye brows.I wont say that this product has changed my mind (because i am totally paranoid) but i'd say that it came "veeeeerrryyy" close after i saw how good my brows looked with this brow kit.I applied this in the morning and i swear there wasn't a hair out of place until i washed my face when i went to bed.

What i say is this,"If you can afford a high end brand,than go for it but if for any reason you cant... than this is not a bad choice either.I am thinking of getting one for my mom too.Also i got it in "dark" and i feel that for Pakistan hair that is the best choice(but make your own conclusions color wise because every one has different hair color)
Hope you enjoyed my little review (as always),comments and questions most welcome.
Till next time:)


  1. This kit looks great.where did u get it?i think it's not available yet on elf Pakistan's website

  2. @Fuchsia
    I ordered it through someone from the elf uk website:)

  3. Your eyebrows look great, very dramatic after using it. Love the results. Great product and very nice review.

  4. Thanks for the review....I so want to get my ands on it now...=D

  5. Great review. Makes me want to try it.


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