Thursday, October 13, 2011

OLAY "AGE DEFYING" revitalizing eye gel

Eye creams are an undeniable necessity when it comes to a balanced beauty regimen.But they are the biggest hassle as well;) They are expensive enough to give the most adventurous shopaholics a pause and the product is in such a small quantity that at times it hardly lasts for a few months.
I must admit that for a long time i didn't think i needed an eye cream , instead i was content to use my night cream as a substitute.(that didn't work out so well). the skin around my eyes has always been very delicate and i was starting to worry about wrinkles, (because no matter what you do ,you are inevitably going to tug your eyes while applying or cleaning make up)The first product that i have been trying out is the "olay age defying revitalizing eye gel".

  • For all skin types.
  • Has pro vit B5,Witch Hazel,cucumber extract.
  • Claims to renew,revitalize & moisturize the skin around the eyes.
  • Net wt: 0.5 oz (14g)

  • Love the packaging (very elegant)
  • Good sized jar.
  • Gel consistency(absorbs very easily in the skin without leaving any stickiness or residue.
  • Lots of product(as its a gel,a small amount goes a long way.I think this will last me for a good three to four months)
  • No fragrance or color.
  • Cost me around Rs 400 (affordable)

  • You have to use your fingers to apply it(so those of you who have issues doing that are not going to like this product)
  • Some may consider the packaging bulky.

My Thoughts:
  • I have been using this for the last two weeks.It has decreased the pigmentation around my eyes(i 'd like to mention here that my dark circles weren't too pronounced to begin with)
  • It does combat puffiness pretty well.
  • Use it twice(morning and night)
  • It hasn't done much to tighten the skin around my eyes(which i didnt expect it to) but i dofeel that it has smoothed the area somewhat.
  • I would like to mention again that this review is based on two weeks of experiencing the product.If you are interested in knowing more about "Olay" products,just visit OLAY
Hope you found this review helpful.Feel free to comment below if you have something to add or any questions:)
Take care...


  1. Hmm this seems interesting, i was looking for a good eye gel :)
    ThankYOu for the Review <3

  2. i desperately need something for my dark circles and olay sounds the best tome! nice review hun:)

  3. @shycheeks & Rakhshan
    Thanx for commenting:)

  4. 400 pkr? Are you sure this is not a fake?

  5. @Pinkish
    Yep,i am "pretty" sure its not a fake:)Where are you buying yours from?


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