Thursday, October 20, 2011

Elf Cream Liner (Black)


This is the first product that i am trying from i was pretty excited when i got this:) Elf, as you all know is only available online.And i couldn't try any products due to high delivery charges.By the time you got done with currency exchange rates,delivery charges, customs..... (Lets just say that you would be the doofus who just paid 20-30$ for something that every one else paid a dollar for). Not a good feeling (believe me)
But as of last year Elf is available in Pakistan.I ordered some items that i have been very interested in trying for the longest time.

The product i am going to review today is the "elf cream liner" in Black.The product claims to be:
"Smudge proof, Budge proof,and provide water resistant coverage."
Ingredients include:

Product line: Elf studio line
Quantity: 0.17oz/4.7g
Brush included
Color: Black
Price: Paid just over Rs 400 inclding the delivery charges.

1.Good packaging.
2.Good color pay off.(the flash is washing out the color in the pics,its blacker than it appears in the pics)
3.Smooth application.
4.I have been using it for two weeks(approx),it hasnt dried or hardened.
5.Does not tug the eyelid.
6.Water proof.
7.Stays for a good 6-7 hours , if you keep your hands to yourself;)
8.removes easily(with cream,lotion,cleansing milk or make up remover)

1.Jar looks bigger in pics,in reality its not as big as it looks.
2.Not smudge proof .My eyelid touches my brow bone when i open my eyes and the eye liner kept transfering on my brow bone.
3.Brush is useless.

My thoughts:
Before this, i have tried the Becute,christine & maybelline gel liners.Out of all of them i like the maybelline one the most.i would say that the elf cream liner is alot better than the Becute & Christine ones(closer to the maybelline studio gel liner).But i still like the maybelline one better(personal preference).But this is a good product.Not the best but definatly worth a try.Its not expensive(even though we are still paying more than the rest of the world for it.)

As always , any comments and queries are most welcome:)I am sure that by now ,almost all of the Pakistani bloggers have tried something from this brand.
Have you tried this product? What did you think about it?
Elf Pakistan Face book page
Elf Pakistan Website
Till next time.....


  1. Great review! elf products are a bit more expensive in Australia too, so I feel your pain!!
    Just recently tried the maybelline gel liner and I'm in love, so defs going to try a few more
    Grace xx

  2. @Grace
    I much prefer gel liners to liquid ones as they give me more control (very shaky hands). I love the maybelline one too:)

  3. Nice and honest review :) Ouch for the not-smudge-proof feature. I have also loved the Maybelline's and reviewed it yesterday.

  4. @Sahrish
    Thanx:)As for not being smudge proof, i think that people who don't have eyes like mine (i-e their upper lid doesn't touch their brow bone) will not feel this drawback as much.
    I read your review.Very informative:)

  5. Thanks for the honest review. The regular elf has not impressed me much over the years.I really like their mineral range though. Waiting for elf Pakistan to introduce them.I have been sold a fake maybelline eyeliner which was horrid.

  6. @Pandora
    I am also waiting to try the mineral line.And as for fake stuff,sadly that is a fact of life in Pakistan:(

  7. I have Maybelline n its the best :)Great review :)

  8. I have yet to try out ELF products. I will keep the liner in my Elf not-to-buy things.

  9. @Shang J.
    I hope my review is not the reason for you skipping the liner.because its not so bad:)
    Also the color range that they have is hard to find in another gel liner in Pakistan.

  10. im waiting for this eye liner for a very long time

  11. Umama Saleem march 12,2013 Hi,shahtaj you are doing such a great job i have searched it for the first time and really enjoy the information about cosmatics.

  12. Hi,shahtaj you are doing a great job as i have searched it for the first time and i really enjoy the information about the cosmetics i like the thingx which u have mentioned.


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