Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Haul post :)

I had ordered a few things a while back and today i got everything. so i am pretty excited.Since i was away for two months or so, i haven't   jumped on the "elf" band wagon yet :) Got some stuff from elf and also the new sleek "Au naturale" palette(which i am really looking forward to using)
Here is my new haul :

I am really looking forward to trying all these new products.Will put up reviews as soon as i have someting to say ;)
P.S I ordered a lipstick from elf as well but sadly it was broken and so soft that i made quite a mess of my hands trying to contain the damage:( so that's not photographed.)
Take care


  1. Great haul.Would love to read your review of the sleek palette. Too bad about the lipstick. Can't you rescue it somehow? Like smush it up in a lipbalm pot and use it with a lipbrush instead?

  2. @Pandora
    Thats what i was thinking of doing about the lipstick.I didn't think it would be so soft.Kinda took me by surprise ;)

  3. Great haul. I love the elf blush. I'd love a review on the gel eye liner.

  4. shame about the lipsticks, i haven't tried anything from elf or sleek, they aren't readily available in Australia, but let me know how the products go, and if it's worth paying extra for shipping!
    Grace xx

  5. @Glamarama
    Thanx for commenting:)Will put up a review as soon as possible.
    You wont go wrong with sleek.I like their products a lot.Elf on the other hand,i am trying out for the first time so will let you know ;)

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