Monday, June 27, 2011

BH cosmetics 6 color custom palette

About a month or so back , we won a twitter giveaway by BH cosmetics.The first time ever that we won something (happy dance) , although we do LOVE being a part of most giveaways :) Lets face it , we don't have the resources to try all the wonderful stuff that the beauty world has to offer.The one thing i really appreciated was the fact that we were pretty late in responding to their DM about us winning but the people at bh cosmetics were very gracious and the sent us our prize very quickly.In just a week we were holding our package in our hands so "Thank you bh cosmetics for the generosity" :) It is most appreciated.
Lets start with a little introduction, The six color custom palette is a palette in which you can mix & match the eye shades of your choice.The palette looks like this:
It has got six pans with magnetic based , to which your selected eye shades will stick.Bh cosmetics says on their website:
Mix and match 120 unique eyeshadow colors.Choose one of our luxurious 6 or 15 color magnetic palette cases.Refill your favorite colors with endless creative combinations.Longer lasting single color size measured at 1"/ 26mm.
The colors that we chose are:
BHCS02(cool shimmer series)

BHCS18(cool shimmer series)
BHCM08(cool matte series)
BHMM08(metallic matte series)
BHCM01(cool metallic series)
BHWM04(warm matte series)
My thoughts:
The palette itself is black in color and very sturdy.Came wrapped in bubble wrap so no damage.The eye shades themselves came in individual packaging as well.
Very good pigmentation, for both matte and shimmer colors.
I did not experience any fall out.
Blend really well.
A little goes a long way.
I haven't applied without primer so i cant say how long the staying power is that way but with primer will last a whole evening.

Below is an EOTD with this palette for which my (exam ridden) sister took some time away from her studies (gladly) to volunteer her right eye (lolz)

The whole palette costs 19.95$ on the Bh cosmetic's website , but they are having a sale at the moment.So if you are interested you can get this for 13.37$ .Additional single eye shadows (without the palette) cost 3.96$ each(2.65$ on sale).
Bh cosmetics delivers internationally.Visit their website @
Do i recommand this product: Yes.If you are willing & able to order online.Go for it :)
Repurchase: Yes
Hope this was helpful :)
Till next time.............


  1. U got lucky winning this mmm :)

  2. congrats on winning. I love reading your blog. I tried the suji halva recipe you shared. MY GAAAWD!!! It was to die for. The best ever.Do visit my blog too. I`m new from Islamabad.

  3. @Pandora"s box
    thanx for commenting :)I am so happy the recipe turned out good for you. I'll 100% check out your blog:)
    Welcome to Pakistan's blogging community.

  4. Congratulations on your winning :) looks great! :) Love the look that you have created with it <3

  5. since I love your recipes so much I HAD to comment again. DO visit shyma gives very detailed recipes and her writing skills are out of this world. You would love it I`m sure. Take care.

  6. Wow! Shataj Awesome pallete nice review :)

  7. Hey nice work there..I am also trying o do something on my blog. Please take a look at

    thanks and keep up the good work.

  8. @Pritu
    Thank you for following our blog:)


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