Sunday, June 5, 2011


I saw this liner a few weeks back and thought ....why not?:)Its by Skin79 (like the bb cream) I wish i could find there bb cream so easily somewhere !!
Okay... Now that i have got that out of my system ;) Lets talk about this liner.I would love to share with you some info from the box but as everything is in Korean(i an guessing), you'll just have to make do with pictures

My thoughts:
  • Love the packaging:)

  • Good , intense black color.
  • Not a matte finish,which is a problem for me(but easily remedied with some black eye shadow)

  • Water proof(this is a guess on my part as i cant read the labels on the box,but i swatched it and held my hand under water,it stayed in its place)

  • Watery consistency but dries quickly.
  • Easy to handle.

  • I hate the wand!Its hard and stiff.I couldn't draw a straight line with it even if my life depended on it(literally)
  • My advise , use your own eyeliner brush.

  • It has 6 ml of product.Which considering that i paid Rs 245 for it , is not bad.
  • Stays on without primer for 4-5 hours.

  • Washes away easily with simple soap and water.
  • All in all,it was more of an impulse buy and i am not disappointed with it.

The above two pics are "with flash" which ironically has washed out the pictures ;)
Do i recommend it? Well yes.At least try it once.What have you got to lose? ;)
Repurchase? May be.
Till next time....


  1. sounding like a good liner.. are they available in other colors??

  2. I love the packaging it's really pretty! PS your blog is really cute!!

  3. @K.A
    I don't think so.Only in black(to the best of my knowledge)
    @Vintage Makeup
    Thank you:)


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