Monday, June 6, 2011

Brushes by Sedona Lace

Brushes are a part of every girls beauty arsenal.A good quality set of brushes makes all the difference in the world.Today i am going to talk to you about   Sedona Lace"Makeup brushes" (1) ,  in particular their "12 piece brush set". It is a set of 12 brushes along with the brush roll.It is available in different colors but i am totally in love with the pink one. Link -- Cosmetic brushes (2)
I am specially interested in the  duo fiber brush 813 & Tapered blending brush.It comes with four face brushes and eight eye brushes.Bristles made of natural or synthetic hair.I am totally in love with these brushes and they are on top of my wish list this year :)
Price : 49.95$ (on sale)
If you want to have a closer look , just follow this link :(3)  Makeup brush
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