Sunday, June 12, 2011


I got this product a week back.And i have used it a few times , i must say that i am impressed:) With the amount of money i paid for it , it definitely goes above and beyond my expectations.But like any product it has its pros and cons.

Pros: (what i like about it)
  • Its in a glass jar , with a metal lid.Its so small and compact,totally cute:)
  • Color is very pigmented.
  • Matte finish.
  • Lasts for a very long time(almost 5-6 hours)

  • Creamy consistency.
  • Glides on really well.
  • Very affordable(I paid 150 Pkr)
  • Easily available (i am assuming that fact as "Becute" is available all over Pakistan)
  • No smell.
  • Waterproof.

(How i wish there weren't any)
  • My sister and i have hooded eyes.(i-e) when we look straight on, our upper lid actually touches the skin  under the brow bone.The first time my sister wore this to a wedding , it "slightly" transferred under the brow bone.
SOLUTION: After applying the eyeliner, wait for a min (to allow to dry completely), than carefully pat with a tissue.Thats all it takes.No more transfer issues:)

  •  My second and BIGGEST issue with it was that it wont come off at the end of the day.I don't personally use an eye make up remover as i very rarely wear eyeliner or mascara(usually my cleanser /lotion does the trick).I was so bummed.(Here i thought i had the perfect gel liner & it wont come off!).
SOLUTION:I am sure that it will clear off with any eye makeup remover worth its salt(no doubt) but after trying a bunch of stuff (my eye looks like i am having an attack of severe conjunctivitis) i came to the conclusion that oil will remove it without any hassle(no rubbing or pulling necessary).Use any king of oil(which is safe  to use on eye lids).i used my coconut hair oil.Dab some over the gel liner,give it a min.Put some oil on a cotton bud and carefully wipe clean.

Do i like this product? YES (totally)
Repurchase? Yes
Do i recommend it? I do.Because it works for me.I have stated the pros & cons honestly above:)If you think you can live with the cons than go for it.
Till next time.......


  1. thanks for the review and the useful tips :)

  2. Nice Review Shahtaj <3 Mujh ko b chahiye :(

  3. i read another review at rabiyas blog and she said that she didnt like it at all.

  4. @Sara H. & Fuchsia
    Thanx fr commenting:)
    Two ppl.Two opinions:)Every product has its own pros n cons.You try it for yourself & than share your opinion:)
    Thanx for commenting:)

  5. For this price it looks really good. I'd like to invest in it. ^^

  6. Wow! you've applied it soo neatly! Thanks for the wonderful review!

    I am a budding blogger and would like to invite you to our blog! Dont forget to follow it!:)

    P.S. I am a follower of your lovely blog!:)

  7. I have also bought Becute Gel eyeliner. but surprisingly i got it just for RS 115. I like it very much, n m using it almost everyday. Its easy to remove and stays for hours i have used it for 6 hours. So its really amazing n very cheap to buy.

  8. @Asifa
    Its quite an affordable product (i agree). But after using it for some time i have noticed that it dries out very quickly.Mine didn't even make it for two months so use it fast ;)

  9. Lovely post and the solutions are very helpful

  10. If you feel that the Gel Liner is dried, then you may dip your brush in some moisturizer, swipe it on some absorbent paper (tissue paper) to remove extra moisture and use it to apply the Gel Liner. It will be applied quickly and evenly by this method.
    I use this method on all my old somehow dried products and it works works well.

  11. Nice tip.I will be sure to try that.Thanks for sharing :-)

  12. Shahtaj is it available anywhere cuz every shop keeper say the company has discontinued it. Can u help me out by telling from where I can easily buy it


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