Saturday, July 2, 2011

Random Haul

I went shopping again ;)Here is what i got:
Another Skinfood's bb cream.I had my eye on this one for a while now.Debating whether to get it or not ,as i have read in some blog reviews that its shine control is not very good.But eventually i decided to give it a try & see for my self.
Golden Rose liquid concealer in shade 02.Haven't tried anything other than lipsticks from Golden Rose so decided to give this a try. Rs 450
For my sister : Kryolan paint stick in 4w.I love going to the "Kryolan make up city".I pretty much want to buy every thing.
 Fa deodorant in "Pink passion".Not a big fan of the Fa deo sprays but the roll on variety works well enough.One Biore nose patch,which i photographed upside down (lolz)
We'll be leaving for our vacations soon and a trip to Quetta to visit family is also in the pipeline.I always get dry hands and feet in Quetta.May be because of the low humidity>so i ended up getting a "Pond's moisturizing cold cream".
Added to our bangle collection:)
Some jewellery for my sisters.
Hope you enjoyed my haul.If you have any questions about price etc.Feel free to ask.I canot remember exactly what everything cost right now but i can look at the receipts :)
Till next time.....


  1. Great haul girl. Please do a review on bb cream.I`m very curious:) I go visit family in Qta as well and yes you are right skin gets very dry there, but I love how my hair gets poker straight without any straighteners when I`m there. Prob from the lack of humidity.

  2. @Pandora's box
    thanx:)Are you originally from Quetta? Will put up the review as soon as i formulate some sort of an opinion about it(lolz)> If you are interested, i have reviews up for skinfood's sun aloe bb cream
    and Maybelline bb crean

  3. I will surely check out your sun aloe bb cream review and to answer your question, yes I am :)

  4. The jewellery is gorgeous! :)

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Quetta.

  5. @Pyari beauty
    Thank you for commenting:)
    And yes i plan to have a great time:)

  6. ohh can u plz do a review on the golden rose concealer!

  7. Could you tell me how much the Kryolan TV Paint Stick is in rupees? :)

  8. Also if the BB cream is available in Karachi? :)

  9. you get skinfood in pakistan? how nice! i have never tried any of their products.. are they any good?

  10. @Pinkish
    Sorry for the late reply But yes> bb creams are available in karachi. atleast some of the brands.I have seen skin food's mostly at make up counters in tariq centre tariq road.I bought the Kryolan tv paint stick from "Kryolan city" and around 700-800 Rs.


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