Saturday, June 18, 2011

My New 24 Pcs Brush set

As you all know,getting a good quality brush set in Karachi (at a reasonable price) is not so easy.There are many blogs around sponsering foreign brands but as good in quality as say.....Sigma brushes (for e.g) are, they are not affordable to many Pakistani girls.There are many reasons for that,
The shipping costs to Pakistan are very high,with the currency exchange rate what it is, not many can afford a 12 pcs brush set (which may cost any where from 70 -90$) and that too not counting the shipping.
Credit cards are still a novel concept in Pakistan & not many people outside the city centers use them.So that becomes yet another hurdle in ordering something online
There are local brands like Luscious (for e.g) with 12 pcs brush sets , they do deliver online and available in stores (at least in Karachi). I think it cost Rs 1950 (Now for those who find the price affordable) they should look no further.I cant personally vouch for the quality of these brushes(as i haven't used them) But many Pakistani bloggers have and the reviews that i have read are generally positive.
But i wonder if the Luscious brushes are manufactured in Pakistan or are (made in china).If they are locally made, than i understand the price tag they have , but if they are bulk ordered with a "company logo" stamped on than the price is too high & should be lowered so that all the girls can easily buy them.Brands like Christine and Rivaj also have brush sets that one can find easily in the market but i am not 100% sure of the price range.
I found this 24 pcs brush set at Tariq centre , Tariq road for Rs 1000.It has a very good collection of eye brushes.No stippling or foundation brush though. But as i am rather fond of using my fingers for foundation, i don't mind(if you do want these brushes in your collection than you either have to buy separately or go for something different). These don not have a brand.It says Bobby Brown on the handles (Lolz) .

Face Brushes:

As you can see, the larger brushes come with brush guards, they all have wooden handles and i haven't encountered any shedding yet.
Eye Brushes:

So..... My thoughts:I like them.Lets be honest, they are not Mac or Sigma, but than if you can afford to buy all your brushes from high end brands (the quality of these brushes becomes a moot point) Lolz ;)
If you are a beginner, or have been looking for affordable local brushes than you should buy these.They will last you as long as something that cost a 1000 Pkr is supposed to last :)
My Recommendation:    Yes i do recommend this product .
Hope this post was helpful to you in some way. Feel free to comment and let me know of your thoughts and ideas. What do you look for in a brush set.Which one's are you using?
Till next time.......


  1. I love the review. It's so honest and still it tempts you ;)

  2. @SWEET
    Thanx for the comment:)
    @Shang J
    Well, Honesty "IS" the best policy ;)

  3. i want these brushes!!!! they look amazing and very soft. Can u tell me which store u got them at plz :)

  4. I have some of these. And yes they are good enough. Nothing wow. But for beginners definetely.


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