Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DIY "Bent eyeliner brush"

Since i have found the bent eyeliner brush, applying eyeliner has become very easy for me.I am one of those people who have a  shaky hand and its very difficult for me to get a precise application with a straight liner brush (don't even get me started on the wands that come with liquid eyeliners).
So recently i saw this video on youtube by Kandee Johnson (who is a youtube guru) where she teaches you to make your own bent liner brush by using a cheap brush from the paint store.I was really intrigued by the whole thing and as you all know (i am total sucker when it comes to a bargain).I went to my local bookstore and looked through all the brushes they had for painting ( i do some fabric painting so i have used zero point brushes before) and i thought that will work well for applying eyeliner.The brush cost me Rs 15.I used my dad's pliers:)
The original video by Kandee Johnson is below, so give it a watch if you are interested to know more.
These are the pictures of my attempt to make my own bent liner brush :) I must say i am happy with what i ended up with.I have used the brush and it works as well as a professional eyeliner brush.

I didnot come up with this idea so to really understand what you have to do,please watch the original video.I am in no way suggesting that you shouldnt buy professional brushes.I just wanted to share this info because i found it really interesting .For those of you who dont live in main cities where they can easily get their hands on a bent liner brush, this is some thing to look into :) Hope you enjoyed this post.
Till next time.....
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