Thursday, March 24, 2011


The product i am going to review today is a very important part of any beauty arsenal.The "flat iron".If you think about the perfect image that every Asian or Pakistan girl wants to attain,that would be 1.fair skin , 2.Long straight hair:)Unfortunately not every one is blessed in that regard.There is not much that one can do to change one's skin color but flat irons go along way in realizing the goal of silky straight hair, without actually putting your hair through the harmful effects of chemicals (that is not to say that they themselves don't have any side effects).
When i was in the market for a flat iron,i was looking for something very specific.I wanted
  • A recognized brand
  • Genuine product
  • something that has a way to increase and decrease heat
  • something that heats up quickly
  • once heated , maintains the level
  • wide plates(although i have shoulder length hair,both my sisters have quite long hair and it is difficult to use a smaller straightner for them)
  • Plates either ceramic or coated with tourmaline( to protect hair from damaging heat)
So i started looking around.It was a nightmare!I am not saying , flat irons are not available easily in Pakistan.On the contrary,every beauty shop sells them.But no good brands!You have a limited choice when it comes to the size of the plates (mostly the slimmer versions everywhere).The biggest drawback being that most have a single heat setting.You can not increase or decrease the heat.
Now it is a whole other story online.If you can afford it,go for buying it online,read reviews, research what you want and buy something really good.But i couldn't get it online so finally i went to Gul Plaza, where i found this.

Its a good product.Heats up very quickly.Has temperature control.ceramic plated.Comes with its own heat protected pouch.Straightens hair quickly and beautifully.Cant say anything bad about it apart from that it cant be used to curl hair because the plates are too wide.(Atleast i cant do it)

Cost: 2000-2100 Rs
"Remington" is a German brand, i think.
Which brand of flat iron do you use?:)


  1. I use Remington too. Not this another one. Though nowadays, I am in love with the Tony and Guy's hair straighteners, but that would be a drain on my pocket ;)

  2. @Shang J.
    I am looking for one with slimmer blades.May be i give the tony & Guy ones a look.And i agree about the pocket,if only they made an "undrainalbe" pocket;)

  3. Wow! That is quite cheap. I use CREATE flat iron and I am using it since 5 to 6 years or more than that. I totally LOVE it. It is a normal size, not to wide and not to slim. I can even curl with them :D

  4. @Rabeeyah
    yep curling with this 1 is difficult if not impossible that's why looking for a slimmer 1:)

  5. i also used a remington straightener and it was awesome

  6. Thanx for commenting fakiha:)I agree with u "Remington" is a good choice for a flat iron.

  7. I have used Remington, Toni & Guy and Babyliss.. right now i am using Babyliss and in next few months i am planning to buy a GHD

  8. @Just4Girls Pk
    I want a GHD too!!Tell me the price and place when u buy it ok:)

  9. I also used that but one problem that i faced is it become tooooo hot can u solve my problem?


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