Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Loreal color Riche Lipstick in "Cherry Crystal" 345

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  1. I love L'Oreal color riche lipsticks. They are super amazing. LOVE this color too. Where did you get it from ?

  2. @ Rabeeyah
    I got it at a local beauty shop at tariq road.You can easily find loreal glosses and lipsticks there.

  3. You know if you live near tariq road.. you been to tariq roads mahrose? theres a guy there with a small stall in the building next to mahrose (to your left side if you are facing mahrose) he has really great branded products. Name is Asim. You can go check him out too.. he gives like Rimmel lipsticks for 250 rupees etc, really cheap! his stuff is original.
    Also this colour is nice and you have very pretty lips :)

  4. @Just4Girls Pk
    I know Asim.Used to buy a lot of stuff from him . His stuff is good.Haven't been to his shop of late.
    Rimmel at 250!wow!I'll have to renew my acquaintance;)

  5. This is a really nice shade :)

    Xo Christine

  6. @Christine
    Thanx for commenting:)

  7. Oh Awesome! so glad to know that you have been to asim :) yeah you should go and check his stuff out. I live quite far from tariq road now, before i used to go alot to asim like everytime i used to visit mahrose parlour :) have fun

  8. @Just4Girls.pk
    You still visit Mahrose Tariq road? Do you like their service?And did u get the problem with your "comment box" sorted out?

  9. thats amazing,that someone is selling such branded tuff in a very affordable price,otherwise loreal lipstick are not less than 1400rs or 1275rs..


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