Thursday, March 17, 2011

Orange and Peach :)

Products used:
Karaja eyeshadow base
local eye shadow palette
Oriflame Masscara & liner
Etude pencil liner in "black"
Golden Rose super shine diamonds lipstick in 62.
One of the pics turned out really blurred , sorry ;) Too lazy for a retake:)
Hope you enjoyed this look.
Till next time.......


  1. The orange looks really lovely =) It reminds me of Autumn, my favourite season!

  2. lovely makeup especially you got lovely lips! Mashallah. Also thankyou very much for your comment on my Soap and Glory Reviews.
    Pakistan Zindabad!

  3. @Feminine,Areej,Just4GirlsPk
    Thanx for the feed back.Really appreciate it:)


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