Saturday, March 19, 2011


Now i always had a difficult time with this part of personal grooming.Never could get my hair to curl the proper way or my rollers to stay in place.Took me a long time to realize how to do it properly and get the desired end result:)
To begin with,the minimum one should have is:
Hair rollers (goes without saying)
Tail comb
Hair spray (whatever brand is preferable)
Spray bottle with water in it.
Pins (to secure the rollers)
Start with partitioning your hair horizontally in three sections.First partition at the ear level, 2nd a bit in front of the ears and than your front hair.Start from the back.
Now begin with the first partition,securing the rest of the hair up with a hair tie, jaw clip etc.

  • Divide the hair in four parts.Follow these rules,
  • Four rollers in a row are enough per partition in my experience.
  • Roll the hair in the same direction for all four rollers.
  • First comb the hair to remove tangles, than spray with hair spray ,spray a bit of water on the hair as well for better control.
  • Bobby pins can be used to hold the rollers more securely.
Now repeat this four times for all four segments of hair.
Start with the next partition,do every thing the same  but this time roll hair in the opposite direction.
Hope this helped.If you have any questions, plz don't hesitate to ask in the comment box below and i'll be sure to answer your query to the best of my knowledge:)
Till next time.....

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  1. cool. love your hair. i bet you must look very cute with curls :) i am born with curly hair and i hate it and i dont look nice in it.. i keep it straight :)


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