Friday, January 28, 2011

Books to read:)

I am crazy busy these days.Thats why the poor blog is being neglected:)I have a few reviews that i have to go through . Rabeeyah so graciously tagged us "stylish blogger".Have to do a post about that too.In short we are lagging behind.
Today i had a half an hour to spare so i thought i should talk to u about my most fav book.
Its called "Gentlemen Bismillah" by Colonel Ashfaq Hussain.The book is in urdu and is totally hilarious(trust me).I laugh every time i read it.(and look like i have totally lost my mind)
The book is about the writters experience of joining the army, from the ISSB test to the training at kakool Academy (i hope i spelled that right).Also for further reference alot of scenes in drama "Sunehre din"(prequel to "alpha,bravo,charlie") are taken from this book.
Its written in very "salees" urdu so people who speak "desi angrezi" should probably keep their distance;)
Why do i like it so much?Well other than the most obvious reason (that its a great book).It was first recommended to me by my urdu teacher(Mrs Rashida Naqvi,The best urdu teacher ever)  in school.Urdu is not my first language and she thought reading this would help and also she knew of my love of reading( if i dont have anything good to read, i'll read the piece of newspaper bread is wrapped in, i m a total junky).
I got it from the library and was totally heart broken when i had to return it;)
Than in college a good friend of mine gifted me the book.It was the best thing anyone had ever given me.
so to me this book is not just a light read but also a reminder of the time of my life which i miss a lot.
If you have an interest in Urdu literature , do read this book.You'll 100% love it:)
Till next time....

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