Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lining your eyes

I have no problem in admitting that i found "gel liners" pretty late;)For a long time it was a choice between "surma or kajal" for me.For those who don't know what "surma" is.

According to wikipedia,
"Surma or Kohl is an ancient eye cosmetic. It was made by grinding galena (lead sulfide) and other ingredients. It is widely used in the Middle East, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and South Asia to darken the eyelids and as mascara for the eyelashes."
I started lining my eyes with surma from a very early age.And its great.But the biggest draw back "smudging" BIG TIME!!

In School i switched to kajal.But my lids are too oily. And if i don't keep on using a tissue paper every 30 min (Lets just say i'd look like a clown's twin) . Kajal just didn't work for me.And i have tried all kinds, branded and unbranded.
What to do? What to do?
Well ... as they say "necessity is the mother of invention" .so i "invented" (if i can use that word) a way to keep my surma from making me into a goth impersonator ;)
Here is what i do:
  • Before washing my face i line my eyes 2-3 times with the surma.It gets messy but no worries:)
  • Than i wash my face as usual.
  • The excess surma powder washes away.Now i run a damp tissue under the eyes to complete the  clean up process.
  • As the eyes dry up, the surma is sealed on the eye line.
  • This lasts for 2 days minimum.With very little or no smudging.
                                                Traditional surma pot with applicator

Even though now , i have the option of using gel liners, pencil liners,even eye shadows for this purpose.I still go back to my surma.
There's nothing like it:)
Till next time....


  1. Great post!Really nice to see another Pakistani blogger :)

  2. Hi madiha:)
    Thanks for following the blog and commenting. Really appreciate it.

  3. woww very nice information good to see pakistani bloggers in the field :) best of luck for the future


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