Thursday, January 20, 2011

Maybelline Everfresh Concealer

I have been using this concealer for sometime now.Almost 6 months.It is a discontinued product but i think it will still be availible at cosmetic outlets in Pakistan.I bought mine @ a cosmetic shop on Tariq road.
I got it in "medium beige".I don't have a lot of marks on my face but there are some red patches and i have to conceal around my nose as well.The product does its job (not too bad). Along with my foundation it does give me a flawless complexion.Its not cakey.Absorbs well in skin.And stays in place for a good 3-4 hours (which is good because that is the max. i wear make up for)
My one issue with it is that it is not a "very good" under eye concealer.It does do the job BUT... to an extent.
I apply it with the applicator than pat it in the skin with my fingers.
Would i recommend it? If u don't have too many issues with marks and dark circles,than yes.
Not too pricey when i bought it,around 600 Rs.(which was 6 months back)What it will cost u today , with the price hikes happening almost everyday in Pakistan, is anybody's guess;)
Any1 else  using it and who has bought the product recently, is more than welcome to share the price in the comments :)
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  1. Great blog girl :) thanks for inviting me.

    thanks for the lovely review :) seems like a good product ^ ^

  2. Thanks for following sara.Really appreciate it:)

  3. great post karachi! very interesting!

  4. hmm i have the same one, but im looking for a creamy one for little more coverage :)
    ..btw, nice blog..check mine aswell :)

  5. @ shycheeks
    Thanx for following.I already check your blog quiet regularly.
    and as for the concealer, me too.I am looking for a maybelline one (frgt the name) , will post a review soon:)

  6. aah i had this concealer 2-3 years back, i couldn’t find it in isb/rwp :( it was good product and worked well on my face. nice review anyways

  7. have had this for nearly 4 years... bought it for 250 PKR from some random shop in Tariq center :D


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