Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Karaja Perfective Eye Shadow Primer

Recently i went shopping.And i got myself a new eye primer.I am an impulse buyer.(big time) I try to hold off , i try to wait but.....
I wanted to get the Artdeco primer (I had a whole trip planned to Naheed) but all it took was a helpful sales girl and a cosmetic counter & i ended up with this beauty:)
First of all,sorry about the pic quality.My dad borrowed my sony and i had to use my mobile camera(not a good idea).I took lots of pics but am using only two as u cant really tell much (i am only using them because of all the time i wasted taking them , and uploading them to pc)
Now , my observations about the product:
  • Half the tube is empty;(  (for a product that costs 1100 Rs that really makes me angry)
  • It has a creamy consistency.
  • No color or odor(which is good)
  • I applied it on my eye lids and below my lower lash line for the liner and kajal.
  • Works really well for the first 3 hours.no smudging or fading, even keeps my kajal in place (which is a real feat)
  • After 3 hours the eye shadow starts fading a bit
  • At the 6 hour mark slight smudging at the lower lash line, and the eye shades do loose some of their intensity.
  • The result is better than if i had no primer on.
                                                               At the time of application.

                            After 3 hours (every thing still in place) Take my word for it ;)

Now there is a definite trick to applying this primer.
First day i applied it directly on my sisters lids (she has got an oil well somewhere on her lids , i swear)and the primer committed suicide before the daunting task of keeping the shadow in place on her lids;) I was so mad! i wanted to strangle the sales girl who sold me the stupid thing.
The next day (after i had a whole night to calm down) i washed my face, moisturized my lids, applied the primer and gave it a few min to get absorbed, than i applied some foundation on my lids, set it with with powder.And applied my eye make up.This time around my make up lasted (more or less intact) for 6-7 hours:)
Now one can argue that the foundation might be doing most of the work.But i have been using my foundation as an eye primer for a long time.And after 3-4 hours my eye make up looks like a grainy pic from an 1820's movie.

In the end,
Would i recommend it? well if your choice is between "no primer & this" than go for it.But if you have something better (which is easily available in Pakistan) tell me too:)
Would i buy it again: No (because i still have a list of few primers i like to try before i make the decision to buy one second time)
Hope this review helped and answered some of your questions.
Till next time:)


  1. Great review :) Thanks for sharing. I am shocked to know that the tube was half empty. its such an expensive product.

  2. I know.I kept squeezing and squeezing,all that came out till about halfway was air (u shld've seen the look on my face) lolz:)


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