Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yesterday we went shopping.(which as always was alot of fun).I wont qualify my self as a shopoholic because i am blessed(some would say "cursed") with a very picky style sense.It takes me a long time to buy stuff for my self.But i really enjoy the experience of going from one shop to another, looking for bargains, finding new stuff :) Especially with my mom (she is my shopping buddy).
Right now a lot is happening in life.I have a very important exam coming up beginning of next month so i am going to be studying long hours from now on.
Shahtaj can be counted on for taking pics and doing the editing but shes not really into the whole writing and organizing stuff so any reviews will have to wait till after the first week of feb.
Here is what i got yesterday,
I fell in love with these flats.Liked the color , the print on the leather.Got them from "Zonah's designer shoes" top floor dolmen mall.The pair was for 1200 Rs but the shop was having a sale and i got them almost half price Rs 650.(Nothing like a good sale).They had a lot of girly sneakers as well , which i really wanted to buy but as i was saving my money for something else,had to pass on them:(
Got these two bracelets from Tariq centre.One for myself and one for my sis.

Arent they cute?They were 150 Rs a piece but a little haggling ;) and got both for Rs 200.
Also got this eye primer from Karaja for Rs 1100 from "Scentsation" Dolmen Mall top floor.They also carry a pretty decent collection of products from Artdeco,Diana of London ,Rimmel and DMGM.So if any one is interested ....
Havent used this product yet so it will take me sometime to come up with a review.
Till than,
Be safe and please pray for my exam.


  1. Hey Shahtaj and Ambreen!
    Nice blog! Please do a review about this eye primer :)

  2. Thanx for following Rabeeyah. Review inshahallah coming soon:)

  3. now I am desperately waiting for your review on this primer :D

    great buys and love those flats. ^ ^

  4. Hey Shahtaj, I have tagged you for a Stylish Blogger award on my blog :)
    Check it out :

  5. @Sara.H
    The review is up.Hope u find it helpful:)
    @Rabeeyah nice of u:)


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