Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BH cosmetics 88 color matte palette

I have been wanting this palette since i started building up my make up collection.And finally i am the proud owner of a shiny , new 88 matte palette by BH cosmetics:)

When it comes to eye shades,my philosophy is simple."Quality over quantity". I find that buying high end/good quality single shadows which you can than depot and put in a bigger palette is a good investment in the long run.But a lot of times i am reluctant to pay a large sum for a single eye shade in a color that i may not necessarily use on a regular basis(like reds or greens or yellows).For that , a bulk buy like this palette comes in totally handy.

This is my first online buy where i haven't been disappointed with the size of the item.I guess i have read soooo many reviews and looked at so many pics that my eyes were kind of expecting the size ;)As for the color range,it feels as though i suddenly own all the colors under the sun.A lot of variety.Some shimmery shades, mostly matte though(just as i prefer them). Most colors are pigmented enough.The darker shades have good color pay off.Not too much fall out.Some colors though apply very light(which is to be expected , as all 88 of them can not be perfect).Use of a good primer is a must .

For those who are just starting their make up collection,want to play around with a versatile palette or are in the market for lots of colors in one package, i would totally recommend this.
  • I bought this through "beauty unleashed: on face book during the end of the year sale in 2011.They were nice enough to accommodate with "cash on delivery" so i only had to pay for the palette and the delivery charges to Pakistan, around Rs 1950.
  • Exact same thing but from "Coastal scents" is being sold by "International make up in Pakistan" on facebook
Coastal scents 88 original palette./Price Rs 2625 @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/International-Makeup-in-Pakistan/201761526511437?sk=wall

Lastly a few words about the lovely people over at "beauty unleashed". I would totally recommend buying from them.My experience was very positive:)
"Makeup is what every girl wants, then why not spend a little something on yourself and get one of the best brands available?On facing the problem of extremely high prices on make up products in Pakistan ourselves, we decided to start our own little store where we will be able to provide cosmetics on prices as low as possible ."
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  1. Great review and nice look. For some reason, this palette disappointed me BIG time. That is why, from that time I prefer shimmer palettes. May be my palette was the bad one :D
    These palettes for sure makes one HAPPPY :D

  2. @Rabeeyah
    I dont think yours was defected:)Its just that i guess ,everyone has different expectations when they buy something & this is more or less what i expected ;)Not "out of the world" but also not too bad.The custom palettes from BH are really great though,if you want to try them:)

  3. Amazing review Shahtaj!

    Thanx alot for mentioning us <3

  4. The palette looks really good.. The makeup turned out so pretty!

  5. @Beauty Unleashed:im glad u lykd it !:)
    @Sidrah!!!!:thank u ! :)

  6. Beautiful look! I am glad you liked it. <3 :)

  7. grt review and palette... love your eye look

  8. This is one of the most important blogs that I have seen, keep it up!orogold


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