Thursday, January 19, 2012

Golden Rose Liquid Concealer in "02"

For the make up enthusiasts in Pakistan "Golden Rose" is not a new name.For a long time i thought that the lipsticks were the only thing available in the market but a few months back when i was on the look out for an affordable concealer for my sister,i encountered their counters with the full range of the brand at multiple places.So i decided to give their concealer a try.The color that i chose was "02" which has yellow undertones, suitable to my sisters complexion.

 The brand claims:
Our Golden Rose liquid concealer comes with a brush tip and blends right into the skin.  Covers under eye imperfections and brightens the skin.

My thoughts:
  • I like the packaging,its very convenient in application.(similar to "e.l.f Liquid lipsticks)
  • It works well enough.
  • Easily absorbs in skin.
  • Stays for 4-5 hours if set properly with powder.
  • Nice consistency.Not too thick or thin.
  • Price is not bad.I cant remember the exact amount i paid for it but it was less than 1000 Pkr.Closer to 600-700 Rs.Price in dollars quoted on the website is 6.99$.
  •  Easily available at most stores,malls ,cosmetic counters in Karachi.

  • Its provides good coverage but not for those who  prefer a full coverage concealer.
  • Very small amount of product in the tube.Wont last even 6 months if used daily.

Golden Rose is available all over Pakistan.I am a big fan of their lip colors and i own quite a few of their lipsticks.You can also buy this on line @ [LINK]
Till next time.....


  1. Nice Review!:)
    ..i wish it had a good amount of product in it :)

  2. I guess the pros are more in number than cons. Is this a Pakistani brand?

  3. @Shy cheeks
    I know.I wish that too:)
    I thought it was a Pakistani brand too but its not.Its an online American brand.

  4. Great review. Looks like a nice product

  5. It is so hard to find a good concealer. Great review though!

  6. great review!!! :D hope the price will also too cool like this product

  7. great review lukin forward to buy one too :D

  8. i bought one gr liquid concealer i but i can not understand how to use the con. can u help me


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