Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today i am going to review three products that are from the e.l.f regular line.I don't normally "impulse buy" where cosmetics are concerned but the price tag of Rs 170 reeled me in , i'm afraid :)I am quite impressed with some of the products from e.l.f studio line.So i decided to give their regular line a try by ordering  these three products.
E.l.f natural radiance blusher
E.l.f tone correcting concealer
E.l.f luscious Lipstick

1.E.l.f natural radiance blusher:
 I  always misjudge the size of an item when i order online.I wasn't expecting it to be this small.Its a "tiny" little thing.Opening the blush is a bit tricky because it doesn't open like a normal blush (i-e you cant lift up the lid) the two panels (top & bottom) slide on each other.I don't have any issues with the pigmentation.One stroke is enough for a natural pinkish glow to the cheeks but the product is a bit powdery in consistency therefore i am doubtful about its staying power in hot weather.
I would say this blush is more suitable for those who are either starting a make up collection or looking to try new stuff.Don't get me wrong,its not a bad product(for the price range,its actually a pretty decent product) but there are better alternatives.

 2.E.l.f tone correcting concealer:
Now this was a true disappointment.From the packaging,to the smell, color , consistency or coverage,nothing is up to par.I could over look everything ,if it only did its job(conceal something.....anything!) but its a total lost cause.A waste of money in my opinion.If you cant afford a higher price range than go for a local brand like for e.g "Golden rose"(which has a much better concealer than this one)[REVIEW HERE]

 3.E.l.f luscious Lipstick:
I bought this  b/c someone on youtube said that it had a very natural color.I did not know that the word "natural" was meant to be taken literally ;) This has no pigmentation what so ever.It is more like a clear gloss than a lipstick.I like the packaging.The top part has a screw thingy which you can twist for the product to come out.The applicator is soft and spreads the product evenly on lips.But that is just abut all that is good about this product.It is sticky , has no pigmentation and no staying power.There are better products available in the market than this & in the same price range.

I dont consider these products a waste of my money because i really wanted to try e.l.f regular line.But to all those who are thinking about ordering from e.l.f regular line,i would strongly recommend researching what you want to buy thoroughly online first.
Of all the products i like the blush most.I am thinking of ordering some brushes from e.l.f regular line.Has any one else tried those?
E.l.f is available to order online in Pakistan .(Link)
Till next time :)


  1. the lip color looks so good!!

  2. @Zatz
    Only in swatches.Its completely sheer on the lips.

  3. I was a bit hesitant before ordering from the essential line, but try the lipsticks and super glossy! They are wonderful.

  4. I have their blusher and not much impressed but their moisturizer and lip glosses worth try

  5. @sahar awan
    Their essential line is sort of hit & miss :)

  6. will love to use it soon on my lips


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