Thursday, February 9, 2012

Revlon colorstay vs Revlon colorstay

I have been meaning to do this comparison post for quite a while now.But it got postponed for one reason or another:)Lets just begin by saying that i am very taken with Revlon's colorstay line.Especially the foundations.In Pakistan Revlon products are not available in open market.You may sometime find a few shades of foundation here & there or lipsticks / lip glosses but not in an official capacity(correct me if i am wrong). For the longest time i wanted to get my hands on Revlon colorstay foundation with softflex so when i found one at my local cosmetic counter (even though it was totally the wrong color for me) i immediately bought it.What i failed to notice at the time was that the bottle didn't exactly say it had softflex in it.So i ended up(in my haste) not only buying the wrong shade but also the wrong formula :( But i tried it any how, just to satisfy my curiosity about it.Than i got my hands on this other colorstay foundation (Active light makeup). This time the color matched perfectly. But both the formulas/packaging is so different from each other that i thought a comparison post was in order :)

Packaging:The most obvious difference i guess.One is in a tube ,the other one is in a bottle.Even though there is a lot of product in the bottle, it has no pump.So controlling how much comes out of it is almost impossible.The whole thing gets very messy.Not very hygenic.
The tube is much better in the sense that you can easily control the amount of product you want to use.
Consistency: The one in the bottle has sort of a watery consistency as compared to the "Active light makeup" which is much thicker.

Blendibility: The "Revlon colorstay foundation" needs a bit of practice to blend.It dries very quickly and has to be applies one section of face at a time.Being very careful around the cheeks,as it can enhance the appearance of pores if not correctly blended.The "Revlon colorstay active light make up" on the other hand is almost too thick.I always add a bit of of my moisturizer in it before application.But it doesn't dry too quickly and gives you much more room for error.
Revlon colorstay foundation:35ml
Revlon colorstay active light make up:30ml

Smell: they both smell sort of chemical like to me.But the smell is not over powering and it goes away after application.
Lasting power: I am not going to compare the two for this because as i stated above the one in the bottle is the wrong shade for me and i haven't worn it for longer than half an hour.The tube one i can tell you lasts for a good 7-8 hours in winters and around 5 hours(approx) in the Karachi summer heat.
Revlon colorstay foundation: "Natural Tan"  , Yellow based (too dark for me)
Revlon colorstay active light make up: "Buff" Pink undertone
Revlon colorstay foundation: SPF6-IP6
Revlon colorstay active light make up:SPF 25
Cost: I paid under Rs 500 for both(as the cosmetic counter had two to three samples of each in identical colors)

My thoughts: I like both formulas, and would have gladly used the first one i bought if only the color matched.I have combination oily skin and both of these work for me.No break outs yet.There is yet to be a foundation that can matify my T-zone satisfactorily so i wont begrudge these two that failing ;)I recommend both. I don't know any place in Pakistan where the whole color range is sold.But as i said before a few samples can be found here and there.You can buy or order the colorstay range through different online websites or facebook pages but be prepared to pay almost double or triple of the actual price(as dollar to Pkr conversion + International delivery charges + custom fees + 150-200 in delivery charges in Pakistan , do add up).
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  1. It's frustrating not having all this make-up available here.Great review. I'd probably try this foundation if i could get my hands on it.

  2. @Glamarama
    Exactly.We should at least get full range of some of the well known drug store brands so the prices could level off a bit.

  3. nice review, I havent tried out these foundations but I have heard promising reviews!

  4. hey m ur 100th fan :D any gift for med :D? follow me back plz :)

  5. @Sidrah
    Get one if you can.I am a satisfied customer:)
    Thank u Thank u Thank u so much:) for being our 100th follower.As a gift you have our undying gratitude ;)And i will follow u asap :)


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