Sunday, January 8, 2012

(NOTD) shade "52 by Glamorous face USA "Guest post by Maira Mushtaq"

Today we are entertaining our first guest blogger.A VERY good friend of mine "Maira Mushtaq". She is sharing with us a beautiful yellow nail of the day:)
Polish: "Shade g52 by Glamorous face USA"
Cost: Rs 60-80 (depending upon where you buy it from)
Availability: At most cosmetic stores in Karachi.
This polish is almost an exact dupe for the "Colorstudio professionals SUN KISSED".So if you are not ready to shell out Rs 250 for that you can always try this one (a lot cheaper)

Thanx Maira:)
Till next time.......


  1. Ooh such a pretty, festive shade. ♥

  2. that colour is so vibrant!! i love it!! :)

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  3. very pretty color perfect for summer

  4. @ shang J @ Sadee Style, thanx girls :)


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